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Rave On All The Way To The End

96Yep, I finished the first week of my final year in high school, and I’m gonna rave on through the rest of the year.

So far, things have been rather easy. My first period is a free period right now until my class actually starts in another week. 2nd period is basically all about stuff I already know. 3rd is nothing since we have yet to get all the things we need for it. 4th is English 4 with a teacher I actually like. So, this semester should be rather easy and go by fast. This week alone went by about as fast as a week during summer.

Right now I have been playing Metroid Prime Trilogy. It’s the first Wii game I bought March of last year, which is rather sad. The game itself was worth it though. I love Metroid games and have been a fan since i was born, so even if it’s a game I already have I will buy it.

As for games for the coming weeks, I plan to buy Disgaea 2 for the PSP on September 9th. So I guess it is essentially my year of releases.

Well, I’m gonna go take a dump and play some games, I will be back later. If I find a WTF moment on the internet, I will post it, or if I find a new anime announcement, it will be up here.


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