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I Get To Sleep Again In School Tomorrow

sleepingI chose the right classes for school that’s for sure. I can stay up later than I used to since i get an extra hour and a half to sleep everyday and I won’t fail a single one. This year should go by fast so that I can finally start my college classes next year.

Not too much longer and I will possibly even have a job. So many possibilities, and yet with my luck I will end up doing the same thing I do now. The low employment rate among men is a very disappointing thing thing here. Basically, if you have a penis and you are a teenager, your only job options are farms and car things. On the other hand, if you have titties, you can get nay job you want. Add to the fact that most people that own a business are perverted old men, and a females chances of getting hired just sky rocketed 500%. And trust me, I know. Another friends I have has rather large breast and she has been able to find a job each time she quits within a week.

Not that I’m against women having jobs, I just wish it were easier for me and my friend Brent, aka itsBrentCurran on twitter, and Invader56 on here. I’m pretty sure if we got some boobs, we would be less likely then we are now, so that is out of the question.

But, enough of my little rant that is completely off topic of what I originally was talking about at the beginning. I’m going to bed now, if you care to know more about what I do, then follow me on twitter. My twitter page address is http://twitter.com/kamanashi


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