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ADV Shuts Down? Not Sure, But It Sure Seems Like That (UPDATE: All Titles)

adv15Well, all I can say is shit and WTF. Another anime/manga company goes down, leaving only a few more left. Come on you dumb asses that aren’t buying, stop getting fansubs for licensed anime. Seriously, if I can afford it, you can too.

As for the ADV shutting down part, AEsir holdings will gain rights to all a select group of titles that ADV controls, SXION 23 will be distributing those titles, and Valkyrie Media Partners will be handling The Anime Network.

Ok, so it’s not totally shutting down, but still, I get the feeling we won’t have much longer to wait. I’m not sure if the titles they still have will still be released, I guess we will have to wait till more information is out, but still, this is a disheartening announcement any true anime fan would not want to hear.

Oh well, as long as I still have Nozomi, FUNimation, Media Blasters, and Bandai, I will be somewhat alright, I think.



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