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1251167991063With the PSP Go coming out next month, I have been thinking about whether I want one or not. I’m pretty sure I want one, but at the same time, what will I do if it isn’t hackable right off the bat like I hope? Will I be able to transfer my UMD games easily and free is the first thing that I think of. But then again, all the features out way that 1 con. So I think I will get one in the end.

That isn’t the only thing I have to decide on. With my 18th birthday coming up this November, I can finally get a tattoo. What to get is the other thing I have to decide on. So many possibilities, and I can’t figure out what would be best. I should know by then, but if I don’t, oh well, I will just deal with it.

Other than those 2 things, nothing else is really worth worrying about in terms of decisions. School is rather uneventful, games are rarely any good, and I normally just watch whatever anime I see first. So really, I don’t even think about that stuff.

What are you currently trying to decide on? Leave a comment telling me, or you can just not do anything at all like most people that come here.


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  1. For the psp go personally I’d say it’s not worth it. I mean sure you get the new design, the extra 16gb builtin, and bluetooth.

    Then there’s the 16gb built in. You’re paying 80$ more for a psp go than for the 3000/2000. You could buy 2 8gb sd cards + a sd-pro duo adapter for only about 35$. Then there’s the matter of upgrading with m2 cards – since they are new they’re more expensive. Unlike pro duo (where you can use 2 sd cards and an adapter in order to lower cost), you can’t use an adapter for m2 since they’re the smallest.

    Bluetooth is only useful if you plan to do online multiplayer chat or use a chat portal.

    Then there’s the case of UMD’s. While all 1st and 2nd party games will be available for download, there’s nothing forcing 3rd party publishers to put their old psp games up. So the only way to play them would be via the old format.

    Sure now you can get apps(which will be the only go-exclusive software..), but personally I’d rather get games.

    Also no specific details about how the umd-to-go transfer will happen. Do you have to turn in your umd? Do you have to pay? How long is it free for until it turns to a paying service?

    Then there’s the hackable portion. PSP go will not have an interchangeable battery like the old ones did. So a pandora battery won’t be available. You can still use portals (since they’re not hacks), but there are far less portals than homebrew available.

    So it’s really not worth it. Since there are no enhanced system specs, it’s exactly the same system as the 3000 (apart from the flash,bluetooth, and new design..) and at least with the old psps you can choose between umd’s or downloadable games.

    The only real advantage of the go is its size.

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