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The Internet, It Sucks

clever-cat-using-pcYeah, I spend a lot of time online, but really, it sucks. Not just a little, I mean a whole lot. NO matter where you go, there is always something hiding that is waiting to disturb you. You won’t expect it either. Or, you get Rick Roll’d everywhere. Something is always there to screw with you.

Will I stop using the internet though? Probably not. I use it for multiple things, laughs, talking, news, games, etc. So, giving it up woul result in this blog going away, and possibly me become really bored. Being bored isn’t fun. What would you do without the internet? LEave a comment below if you want, I don’t care either way.

As for the day, it was the same as yesterday. 3 periods of mostly nothing, and 1 period of work. Good school day in my opinion. I played COD 4 and Rock Band while at home, and now I’m typing this. I should probably go watch TV now to attempt to unsee things. People may say things can’t be unseen, but I will find a way to make it go away.


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  1. I would go insane at work without my laptop.. Love you Erik..

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