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Ladies Vs. Butlers To Get Anime

illustAnother light novel series is going to be turned into an anime series. Will I watch it, probably. For some reason I like things based on butlers. It’s because they are typically bad ass when they are in anime I guess.

The story for this goes, Hino Akiharu became an orphan at a very young age and was eventually adopted by his greedy ass of an uncle. When he learns about why his uncle adopted him, he leaves to go to a boarding school where there are mostly girls. Considering how this is a school for the rich and he looks like a bad person, no one likes him. Except for his childhood friend, Saikyou Tomomi, who is kind of a bitch too.

Right now, there isn’t really any information on when it will be out, or which company is making it. But you can F5 this site until it is fully up if you want. Right now the official site is just a picture.



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