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Free Stream Of The Week: Nana

key_art_nanaI always here about Nana on most anime sites i go on, but I never took the time to actually watch anything related to it. Well, I decided to watch it since I found the anime on Hulu. Here are my thoughts.

Nana and Nana are 2 different people, but both are the same. Neither one knew the other until the train stopped, and yet they did know each other. Nana is a nice girl that does no wrong, but Nana is a rocker girl who plays around a lot. Does that confuse you? Basically, this is the story of 2 women and how there lives intersect to cause both to become best friends and slowly change one another. They even end up living together.

For me, the story was what got my attention, it was different. Not an action show about a young hero saving the world, not a romance about a girl and a boy who love each other but won’t admit it. Instead, you get a show about the lives of people you see everyday, but you just don’t think about it. Sure, it’s unlikely the events of this are happening in the same fashion all around the world, but they are believable. And for a person looking for something too watch, the fact that you can get some of the episodes for free should make it better. thoguh, there are some slow spots and some parts that were rather useless.

Art is great as usual for Madhouse, but, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some small criticism I have about it. The character designs are good, but slightly different from what you are used too. At first, I was thinking that they were pretty bad looking, until I got used to them and grew to enjoy this somewhat unique to me design decision. Backdrops are done excellently, but where Madhouse’s skills truly shine is with the animation in general. While not a whole lot of fast paced animation is present, it all still runs smoothly. You don’t have that dropped frame rate look of some of the more recent anime. *cough*Akikan*cough*

The subtitles are better than fansub quality for sure, and I didn’t notice any obvious mistakes, but there are some. As for the dub, I will have too wait to get the DVD set that came out yesterday.

Overall, it was an enjoyable show. Some flaws, but not show ruining.

Story: B+

Art: A

Sub: Depends on how much you hate small mistakes. For me, it is a A-.

Price: Free (At least for the stream that is.)

You can watch it here http://www.hulu.com/nana

You can buy the DVD Set Part 1 on Amazon and Rightstuf


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