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Koihime†Musō On Crunchyroll Now

KoiHimeMusoMDx11wp1200Before anyone complains, yes, I know the picture is a little NSFW. But, it was the best i could find that wasn’t a low res.

Koihime†Musō is a moe comedy version of an old Chinese novel called Romance of The Three Kingdoms. It follows the tale of Kanu and Rin Rin as they hunt bandits to keep others from suffering the same way they did in the past.

I watched the first episode of this a while ago and have to say, it wasn’t that great. It was a rather disappointing anime, and the re-imagining part of it is more of an all out new story.  I have read a little of the original book, but haven’t gone further than the first story. 2340 pages is a lot you know. I think the Romance of the Three Kingdoms thing is more for marketing anyways since it is such a drastic change.

Though, if you are looking for a fan service anime, here is one for you.

You can watch the show here on Crunchyroll



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