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Inuyasha The Final Act To Start In October


Well, it’s almost here. The one anime I enjoy and hate at the same time will have it’s new season starting in less than a month.

Set for an October 10 release for other Asian countries on the Animax channel, we can expect Japan’s channel Yomiuri TV to show it 5 days before.

5 years since the original anime ended, The Final Act is the finale to the much loved anime that is popular all over the world. The manga ended a while ago, and this will the first new episode since September 2004.

Pretty sure I will watch it, mainly because I enjoyed the cheesiness of the original series. It was so stupid at times that I couldn’t help but smile. Plus, it’s nice to see old series being revived.



6 Responses

  1. Finally, an end to Inuyasha…I never thought it was passable.

    Now that I know it eventually comes to an end, I might actually start watching it again.

    • I finished watching the original. Though, when this was first announced, I was rather surprised considering how long it has been.

  2. Finally I finished watching the original a long time ago and I was aired that there not going to be a end

  3. umm what’s wrong with kagomes face ? …….

  4. Why did you mess up Kagome’s face with that ugly meme?! That was stupid. A AWESOME anime getting messed up by you…….

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