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Disney XD Will Be Airing Naruto Shippuden…

Naruto_Shippuden_Wallpaper_by_CCJThis is a joke, right? WTF just happened? I already had to deal with TV censors on Cartoon Network, now Disney Nazi like censorship too?

I think I will just watch it on Crunchyroll sometime this year. Though, I still need to finish the first season which I didn’t finish due to all the fillers. But, that isn’t much. Only about 40 episodes.

This has to be one of VIZ’s dumbest moves ever, at least in my eyes it is. The high probability it has of alienating the older audiences in the US is the one thing I see making this a horrible idea. Oh well, I still have my legal stream with subs on Crunchyroll, and as long as that stays online, I will be fine.

There is no specific start date other than fall of this year. So you can expect the total destruction of a series that many love to at least not happen for another month.



3 Responses

  1. what :O this comes as a shock ! hope they do a better than cartoon network

  2. Cool, as long as viz dubbs it i’m fine!:D

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