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Kobato Promo Video

Kadokawa, CLAMP, and Madhouse together as one? OH hell yeah, I am watching this the moment it comes on.

Kobato is a naive girl who has to fill up a bottle with the sadness in other people hearts in order to reach a certain place of happiness. But, in order to fulfill the requirements, she can’t fall in love with anybody she helps.

Hmm… Lets see here… Uhh… Ok? Yeah, ok. I will watch it, even if the story confused me a lot. mostly because I have this thing where if I see that CLAMP had somethign to do with an anime, I kinda just watch it for that. There are things I sat through that sucked just because CLAMP worked on something in it or did it all together.

This anime starts October 6th on NHK in Japan.


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