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Hetalia Axis Powers Getting A Movie

aph___viva_hetalia_by_dreamertakako1More Hetalia for the fans will be incoming next year. Now shower me in your praise for being among the first to bring you this wonderful news. Ok, don’t do that, some of you may not take that in the correct way, but, you should still be happy.


Hetalia is the short web anime about the stereotypes of 20 different countries during ealrier periods of time, such as WWI and WWII. I think it is quite funny, and I hope it comes to the US sometime soon. Definitely would be nice to have a decent quality video instead of low quality ones.

For more information you can go here. Though, it’s in Japanese, so you may want to use an online translator, even if they kinda suck.


One Response

  1. I’m not tagged? BLASPHEMY! They should put me in NOW! D:<
    -Kongeriget Danmark

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