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Inuyasha The Final Act English Trailer Posted

Inuyasha__Final_Act_Poster_by_Half_Demon_CaliI have been telling myself that it will be fun, but not the best thing this year. But, all of a sudden, after watching the trailer, I just want to watch Inuyasha non-stop until the new episodes start airing. I guess Inuyasha is better to me than I though, because I never thought i owuld be this excited.

Here is a link to the trailer.

Definitely an upgrade in animation quality that’s for sure. And since they aren’t going for a ton of episodes, it might focus on the main story a lot more. It’s almost like they are wanting to make this the best Inuyasha can possibly be. Good thing too, because it is the final chapter, so why not go all out for the stuff.

October 3 can’t come fast enough.


5 Responses

  1. omg haha im soo freaking excited!! i just found out about this like now and its almost oct 3!!!! AHH :D im sooo excited!!!! im glad they decided to do it!!! i was upet wen they said they werent gonna do the end but omg great choice!!! :D cant wait!!!

  2. Hey do you know when the fiinal act is coming out in America, like in english dubbed? I’ve heard its coming out April 20 on Cartoon networks adult swim, is that true please tell me it is cause I’m a total Inu-nut!!! I’m sooooooo excited that I cant stand it. =)

    • I don’t think it will be on in April since it doesn’t appear on the schedule. But I will say that you would be better off watching it subbed on viz’s website since the English dub is worse than the Japanese one.

  3. I have seen Inuyasha the final act in jap lang let me tell you guys something its gonna be a kick ass final season hope you guys are ready for a black and dragon scaled tensaga

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