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Uncensored Strikes Witches Episodes 3 and 4 Streaming Now

strikewitches01Well, this is a surprise. Strikes Witches is uncensored on FUNimations web site. A bold move considering how people are with this stuff.

IS this a new hope in the anime industry? Are licensees going to do what others thought they wouldn’t? I surely hope so, as it will possibly lead to the license of one of my favorite series ever, Kodomo no Jikan.

If you want to see the episodes, just go here, and watch to your hearts delight.

The rating is TV-MA, so no one under 17 is supposed to be watching without parental permission, but it’s not like that will stop most from watching. Though, I get the feeling there aren’t to many people under the age of 17 that even know about Strike Witches.

The current release date for the DVD set is early 2010, so not much longer until it comes out.



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