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My Thoughts On Seitokai no Ichizon

SeitokaiRight now, I am only 1 episode in, but it is alright. Seems like it just wants to be the next Lucky Star or Hayate no Gotoku. Thoguh, it kinda fails, while at the same time it does alright. The way it fails is mostly in the trying to hard department.

By trying to hard, I mean it really tries to hard. Throughout the whole first episode, one of the main jokes they play throughout is the one making fun of harem anime every chance they get. While funny, I see it growing old if that is the one they use all the time. All the other jokes are either barely mentioned, or go by so fast, you may have to rewind to hear it correctly.

Video wise, it was lackluster. The colors were dull, the animation was almost non existent at times, and the character designs could be a little better. Taking place in the same room for 98% of the episode, you almost never see a change in the backdrop. Some may see it as saving money on a relatively unknown anime based on a manga that no one ever even expected an anime from, I see it as laziness. Though, this laziness could work to there advantage if the later episodes are able to keep the humor high enough without overdoing the jokes.

Audio wise, it was the same as any other anime you get from a fansub group. Not too great, but not completely horrible. As for the VAs, some of them were kinda sucky, but others did their role decently. I don’t know if the point was to make fun of VAs in general when they suck, but it can be kinda annoying if you just watched something like Higashi no Eden or another great anime. Also, the music, if it existed, sucked too. I don’t remember it, so I probably tuned it out for sucking.

Overall, it has potential, but if the director stays like he was for the first episode, I don’t see many wanting to watch more that 4 episodes before going back to another anime gag anime.

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