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Ghost In The Shell Live Action’s Writer Announced

ghost_in_the_shell-dented-tachikomaLaeta Kalogridis will be writing the script for GITS. “Who the hell is Laeta Kalogridis?” is the first question that many people are probably asking right now. Well, I didn’t know, so I looked up his past works. The only thing I heard of from him was Alexander, and that wasn’t too good.

Essentially, I have lost some hope for GITS to end up being good. It may have the Dreamworks name behind it, but without a decent producer, writer, and director, it could end up as another ass print on a DVD like Dragon Ball Evolution did.

Maybe one day Hollywood will leave anime alone or at least not change the stories so much that it alienates true fans of the series.


2 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, I think you’re right. I looked up this Laeta Kalogridis woman myself and just her involvement alone could be bad news. She has been involved in some movies I wanted to like (i.e. X-Men and Tomb Raider), but those movies fell short for me largely because of the bad story lines (and I really did want to like those movies, at least some of the actors, effects, and action made those movies somewhat bearable). Worse case scenario is this woman sabotages the whole thing because her ideologies run contrary to ideologies of GITS. Only time will tell..

  2. I have to agree with the consensus of opinion’s about GITS. The first time i heard they were going to make a ” LIVE ACTION” GITS. I went thru all the emotions simultaneously, Exhilaration, panic, fear, anger, disgust,. Hollywood just really doesn’t “get it”. I knew it would be a hard sell. I mean who could actually fill those roles ?. Aside from that they always seem to have the need to “improve” (shudder) on it. Or they want to make they’re interpretation. I mean really. A certain amount of license, yea. But starting of by jacking with the core principles, you’re just doomed to fail from conception. It just goes downhill fast from there. I don’t think the Major, Bateou or anyone from Sect 9 would be happy with it. grrr..

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