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Bakemonogatari Continues To Be The Top Selling Anime BluRay release… EVER!

bakemonogatari_31There have been a lot of Bakemonogatari related post here on Paradigm Shift lately, but it deserves it based on what I have heard.

Reviews are praising it’s style and content, and now it is the highest selling anime BluRay release ever. Beating that of even moe moe kyun! anime K-On! And you know that if you beat K-On!, you have a winner.

Total amount Bakemonogatari’s first volume has sold is 43,877. K-On!’s first volume was only at 33,000.



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  1. […] the surprising part is that Bakemonogatari didn’t beat it. It was the highest for quite a few months. Not that I mind. I enjoy Bakemonogatari also, but Evangelion is better in my opinion. I’m […]

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