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Media Blasters Gets Queen’s Blade And Ikkitousen: Great Guardians

374354I’m not 100% sure how to react to this. On one hand, Queen’s Blade was one title I never expected anyone to license, so I am happy to see the least likely titles starting to get licensed, on the other hand, Queen’s Blade is supposed to be kinda bad, not horrible, just not great. According to some online, Queen’s Blade only has the huge boobs going for it, but others seem to think it is a good show for other things. I myself haven’t watched it, but I might give it a try eventually. Both seasons were licensed.

Ikkitousen is something i do know a little a about, at least from the game I do. Having played the PSP game before, I know that the girls clothes tend to disintegrate while fighting. They eventually end up in only bras and underwear. Don’t ask me why this happens, as i don’t know, but that is in the anime also. But, the anime also has a story that people say is relatively interesting too, and the first 2 season of it are already out in the US, so apparently someone liked it.

Oh well, at least the anime industry in the US is getting better.

Currently, both anime are set to be out before the summer of next year and will come with English dubs.



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  1. It actually isn’t a bad show they have volume one on netflix now for free and there isn’t alot of action in it yet but the graphics and of nudity are well done. the story is a bit lacking but it seems to be picking up at the end of the first volume im looking forward to more. it is something to look into. I am a fan of Bleach, DBZ, and a few others and I think if the action and story just go a bit further that it can easily match those other titles so in my option its worth a look.


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