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4Kids Loses $5 Million In Third Quarter

d6179dd31f2da0_fullYeah, 4Kids really did this ^

4Kids, the worst anime company in the US ever, has finally got what was coming to them. They have lost $5 Million in just 3 months, which is because they suck hair donkey balls when it comes to releasing anime in the way it is supposed to be released. BUt my complaining before didn’t make them learn, and they are coming ever so closer to the expected shut down this year.

But how do they lose that much money? Videos games and older anime watchers is how. Video games distract kids in the mornings, older anime watchers watch shows that are good, so without the 2 main people that would possibly watch their shows they license, they lose.

All I know is that this is a great step forward, FUNimation is making more money, 4Kids is losing money. Can they fix this? I don’t know. But I still would like for the people that work for them to be able to find another job somewhere, we are already having enough unemployed people.



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