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Sekirei And Both Seasons Tetsuwan Birdy Decode Acquired By FUNimation

Sekirei is about this loser named Minato who finds out he has the power to attract like, 108 hot chicks to his side and they some how awaken his true power after that. That is all I know. It sounds almost like Pokemon, but with girls and they will probably hit Minato a lot for him being a pervert or something.

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode on the other hand sounds like it may be good. Birdy is part of the space police who trave from planet to planet fighting crime. One day she accidentally kills an Earth boy and takes his soul into her body so they can coexist since he would otherwise die. They now live together in her body, but she takes over when she is in her Decode form. All this is happening while the boy’s body heals over time.

Both are set for a DVD release sometime in 2010.

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