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My Thoughts On: Chu-Bra

Ok, the moment I loaded this up on Crunchyroll, I was expecting the worst. I was almost to embarrassed to even watch it knowing what it was about from the start.

The start of the underwear club at a middle school. That right there is almost reason enough to fear being visited by Chris Hansen, or so I thought.

Hit the link below to read on.

Nayu was shunned by many of her classmates since elementary school. Being the dumb ass that she is, she never figured out why. When she finally arrives in middle school, it is the same thing all over again, people passing rumors that she has a sugar daddy around, etc. etc. in comes Haruka and Yako though. Yako may be too quick to come to conclusions, but that’s why Haruka is there to make sure she is right or wrong.

Nayu meets them and decides that Haruka, who has rather large breast compared to her classmates is perfect to be a new test model for her underwear designs. She explains everything to them, but not without some other problems she end up causing. not that I mind the problems, since it was surprisingly a decent laugh.

Having finished the first 2 episodes, I can say that it  wasn’t even that  perverted either. Yeah, you have a couple fanservice shots, a little bit of molesting donee by Nayu the dumb ass, but other than that, almost all of it focuses on Nayu making friends and thinking about underwear.

Also, there is one part that many people might find funny, but also kind of weird. It in the second episode, but I wont spoil it for you.

Over all, it is the typical moe anime, just it’s about the underwear club. I recommend it to people looking for a quick laugh or just something to fill in their Monday night which is when new episodes start airing on Crunchyroll.


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