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My Thoughts On: Hanamaru Kindergarten

Hanamaru Kindergarten is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, so I decided I would give it a try. Hit the link below to find out if I liked it, or if it was a horrible show.

To start off, it seems like a kids show, but it has some pervertedness to it and I doubt many kids would enjoy watching it since it isn’t a magical girl or card game anime.

Tsuchida has always wanted to become a kindergarten teacher and he finally has fulfilled his dream. Not only that, but he has also found the girl of his dreams, but not without hardship. The girl he likes may work with him and seem smart, but she is pretty dense when it comes to dating. So his attempts too get her attention are futile. Not only that, but the daughter of his senior in high school also is attending the school and believes he hit on her, so now she wants to marry him.

Many of the things in this anime are similar to Kodomo no Jikan story wise, but it still feels fresh. Not sure if that is because I have grown so used to the typical moe and ecchi shows that have become pretty prominent in the past years, or if it is just because it is good. But the similarities might be another reason why I like it since Kodomo no Jikan is one of my favorites.

Visually, it is decent. Character designs are nice with a good variety, and I haven’t noticed any problems with quality control. But, if you like dark, morbid settings, this isn’t the show for you. Use of bright colors throughout and it is always in a happy environment, so not many people that enjoy wrist cutting or vampires a lot will enjoy this.

Sound wise, it is good too. Voice actors do their roles well, and the music comes in at correct times instead of just playing to have noise like some anime does it.

Over all, this is a good show to watch if you don’t want an action show or the typical ecchi show. It is the all around feel good anime of the season, and I expect many people to enjoy this.

Link to Crunchyroll page.


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