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My Thoughts On: Ladies Vs. Butlers

You know, I really don’t know why I am still watching this considering it seems almost like the whole point it just to make a fanservice show. There is some humor, and maybe I suffer through the bad parts for that small amount since I don’t have anything to watch on those days.

The story is about a guy who goes to some prestigious school to become a butler. Once there, a series of accidents cause problems, whether it be the accidental molestation of the breast of a girl who obviously likes him, or he himself being molested by one of the maids. He soon meets an old “friend” who finds joy in his despair and thus she tries her hardest to make life even worse for him.

Visually, it is pretty nice looking, especially in HD. Bright colors and some good character designs. Though, I am waiting for 2ch’s group of super otaku to dissect every frame to look for one problem so I can be proven wrong about my opinion.

Audio wise, the VAs do alright. Nothing spectacular, but not horrible. Some music is here and there.

Over all, it is a show that I don’t understand why I am still watching, like I said, it may be for the small amount of humor, or it may be that I hope for a story to start.

Score: 5/10

Hopeful Opinion Score:  7/10

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