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Asu No Yoichi, Eyeshield 21, And Hell Girl Season 2 licensed by Section23

Yesterday, Section23 announced 3 new licenses to come out under it’s Sentai Filmworks label. this time we will be getting Asu No Yoichi, Eyeshield 21, and Hell Girl season 2.

Currently, Asu No Yoichi Complete Collection is set for May 11, Eyeshield 21 Set 1 is set for May 18, and Hell Girl: Two Mirrors Part 1 is set for May 25.

I know I will pick up Asu no Yoichi and Hell Girl, not sure about Eyeshield 21 since I haven’t ever seen a football anime before  and was never a fan of football anyways. Let’s  just hope that since they got Hell Girl 2, they may get Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai.



4 Responses

  1. Eyeshield 21 is great, I dislike american football myself but I still liked the anime

  2. i want to link exchange with your blog

  3. asu no yoichi is great show i like to see season 2. Even they say it the end you could re name it to asu no yoich 2 keep the episodes going. Because the manga is awsome i want to see more on anime. i want know samuria fall in love with. i want know if the sister dad or mom coming bk

  4. Hey : D
    so there will be a second season of Asu no Yoichi?!
    do you maybe know when it will be released?

    thanks in advance

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