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Dirty Pair Licensed By Nozomi

Well, I can say that I never saw this coming, but I would have rather had some other ones. I guess I will give it a try though since I have been watching some more anime from the past lately.

Dirty Pair follows the antics of Kei and Yuri, 2 workers from the WWWA (World Welfare Works Association) as they help other people with problems for money. They suck though as they leave a trail of destruction every where they go, thus, they received the name Dirty Pair.

I know one thing for sure, if you like the way new anime looks, you might as well skip this. Dirty Pair is 25 years old now, so it more than likely hasn’t aged as well as some old shows. but, since art work has never really been the only reason for me not to enjoy something, I can get past that.

Currently, there is no set date, but pre-orders are up on RightStuf. Also, it will  be subtitle only, but any true anime fan, even if they enjoy dubs more, should be able to accept that if they really want this.

Collection 1

Collection 2



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