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My Thoughts On: B Gata H Kei Episode 1

Summary: A girl in high school plans to sex up like 100 guys. Hmm, sounds just like people at South Lenoir High School.

So yeah, I guess this scene right above should have been  a sign of what was to come in this simply horrendous anime of the season. I never laughed during the whole  episode. I feel like I was in a coma during the whole thing since none of it was funny to me. Normally I find these awkward sexual situation fan-service shows good in some fashion, but this was just BLAARRGGHHGS! through  the whole thing. I mean shit, wtf did I watch was all I could think at then end. For the rest of this post, hit the link below.

Now that I have gotten my feelings of the show in general out of the way, I guess I will move on to a thing about the art. Imagine the period where we moved from good 90s styles to good 2000s style art. Ok, now think of the in between where everything was kind bleh, that how this showed looked to me. I know this is the TV version, but this is how it will look even on DVD. Some of the characters look like something from a random hentai DVD cover, the fat kids looks more like eggs. Plus, the main male lead, he looks like a background character. WTF? Seriously, why even put him in. There weren’t many QC issues though, which is surprising for such an ugly show. Unless  the whole show was missed quality control all together so it all blends in to itself.

VAs were pretty forgettable. I don’t really remember any stand out performances, but I don’t remember any thing bad either. Hell, I don’t remember what the characters even sound like, *goes and plays the thing again* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! Media Player Classic just crashed when I played the sound, let’s try this again. Well, I watch about 2 minutes of it again, and… I forgot the voices again, so lets just say they aren’t that great.

So, I guess you can say I was disappointed in this and while I will watch one more episode next week, I don’t expect much else to make me want to finish it. I haven’t been like this over an anime since Fight Ippatsu Juden-Chan.

I give it a:

0.65 / 5


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