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My Thoughts On: Kiss×sis Episode 1

From the scene above, I knew I was in for something I saw 3 times before on the Kiss×sis OVAs. The problem is, I didn’t stop watching and once again enjoyed watching as Keita was molested by his not-blood related sisters Riko and Ako.

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Unlike the last show I watched before this, I thoroughly enjoyed this. While toned down for the TV series release, it was still quite enjoyable and was still as horny as it once was before. The constant barrage of fanservice will more than likely make this a show that is not for everyone, but if you are into ecchi comedies, then go ahead and watch it. 4 minutes in and I already laughed more than I did in the entire episode of B Gata H Kei. One of my favorite parts was when Keita totally ignores Ako’s sexual advaances in retaliation against Riko. Even when he is asleep, they can’t leave him alone. I mean shit, they even sniff his boxers.

Visuals aren’t the best in the world, but I still enjoyed them. Colors were a bit washed out, but that is the trade off for fansubs I suppose, I’m sure a DVD release will look nicer. Character designs are nice, especially Ako, who in my opinion is the best of the 2 sisters. I didn’t notice any major QC issues, but I am sure the denizens of 2ch will surely find some.

Overall, as I expected, this is my favorite comedy thus far this season and will probably stay that way for the next couple episodes. Which is totally fine by me since I enjoy Kiss×sis.

Though there is one problem I do have, it that Keita is such a pussy. They aren’t his real sisters so he might as well just accept the molestation, but then it would turn into full on hentai I guess and wouldn’t be as funny.




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  1. Is very hentai?

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