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Today, No Body Was There

At school that is. This weekend is the “Lets get fucked up at the beach and get arrested” weekend for our school students. I myself won’t be attending, but thanks to them not coming to school today, I was to make through all my periods of school doing nothing at all. It was great.

But, I ended up having to go to my final day as the sign guy for my local Movie Gallery. They are ceasing sales of DVDs today and stopping all functions tomorrow. It was good while it lasted though since I did get paid a decent amount for doing almost nothing for 25 hours.

Now that I am home though, I think I will watch some anime. It is after all my addiction. Who needs drugs when you can watch watch Japanese Porno cartoons? Probably gonna watch the final episode of Hanamaru Kindegarten and start the second season of Slayers.

Well, good night, people of the Internet.


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