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I Officially Hate Fullmetal Alchemist Now!

PLEASE NOTE: This is by no means a high quality post, in fact, it is probably one of the shittiest I have done. There will more than likely be grammatical errors, run on sentences, and things that probably make no sense what so ever, but frankly, I don’t give a flying dog shit out of a rats ass since I do it for free and mostly for MY entertainment. More than likely, you will walk away if you read the whole thing thinking I am crazy and just nerd raged all over myself.

So, as you can see from the title of this post, I hate FMA now. Used to like it, but now I hate it. Mostly because it get  ratings that are too high, everyone who calls themselves an anime fan just because they watch FMA on Adult Swim, and because it uses the same tired old joke of “I AM NOT SHORT!” religiously.Oh, and it is partially because I started to attempt to re-watch it since my brother bought the first half of the original FMA, but I ended up just stopping because it was way to boring to me. Maybe I have changed over the years since it has been roughly 4 years since I last watched it, but it was just boring.

First, I will start off by addressing the rating. As you can see from my screen cap above, it has an average of 9.15 while Clannad ~After Story~ (a far superior show) has a rating of 9.07. I wouldn’t have cared that my favorite anime is #5 had FMA Brotherhood been below it, but what bothers me is the fact the FMA Brotherhood is at the top. I mean fuck shit balls, how many people from Adult Swim came and rated it that high? Because it sure as hell wasn’t like that before it came on Adult Swim. All the people that rated it 10 and 9 need to watch something other than AS, and if they watch a lot more anime, and still find FMA that good, then it is alright since they broadened their horizon. But most of the ratings came from the anime fans who only watch what comes on AS forgetting they can buy plenty from RightStuf and Amazon.

Now for the anime fans who have only seen FMA and think they are true fans. You aren’t, but you can be, all you gotta do is watch something else other than Adult Swim. This is one thing that pissed me off when I was in high school.

Everyone in the school knew me as the king anime watcher/gamer. Seriously, everyone knew that when I went home, that’s all I did, so I had quite a few of the AS only fans try to talk to me about anime, a lot. So, when I went off naming things like Toradora, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Clannad or Slayers, they looked at me like “WTF are those?” But if I were to mention Death Note, I was met with “HOLY SHIT! I FUCKING LOVE ELIMINATING PEOPLE WITH MY DEATH NOTE LIKE LIGHT!” *pulls out crappy home made death note* “SEE, ISN’T IT AWESOME!?!?” I myself like Death Note and all, but not that much. Damn it, I just realize I typed most of this paragraph with mentioning FMA. Well, you can essentially replace the underlined words with FMA related one to get the same thing.

And the retarded “I AM NOT SHORT!” joke, well, it was kinda funny the first time, the 1000th time after that, it wasn’t.

So, that was my rather crappy post about why I hate FMA now. I don’t expect anyone to actually find it of quality since I did it while tired and having to go to the bathroom really badly.

10 Responses

  1. I am in the same position. I love things like Clannad, those anime made by Key. I absolutely hate it when I hear “I heard you watch anime, isn’t DEATH NOTE (or other average anime from Adult Swim) AWESOME!!?!?~?!”, but when I say “Sure, sure, but what about that Genshiken/NHK ni Youkoso/something else that is great?” I get no response.

    • I know, so many great things, but they won’t watch any of them.

    • I understand what you mean, trust me
      But it out of all the low key Anime I watched, my favorite is FMA:B regardless of its popularity.

  2. I only hate it because of the shameless violence and use of gore

  3. I am a true fan of FMA and FMAB and I know this because Ihave broadened my shows. In fact, I never watch Adult Swim. It’s because of Netflix I even got into anime.
    I believe you can have your opinion about FMA. It’s for types of people, not every single person. While I disagree with you an FMA sucking (though I accept it), I do agree with stereotyping. I say I like anime and I get, “You watch Naruto and Bleach an-and One Piece and and and an-and a-nd all that other crap right?”
    Me: “Uh, well…while it may seem weird, I actually can’t stand Naruto. One Piece just kind of never appealed to me and well, I never tried Bleach really. It seems interesting it’s just, I think the bajillion amount of episodes are a little over board.”

  4. So just because of that, you hate it? Big deal if FMA got a higher rating than Clannad or whatever. You really shouldn’t go around hating around because of some quote that Edward says. Its a catchphrase duh! It was meant to say over 100 times or what flipping number you think. But seriously…dont rant to the world about it.

  5. So just because of that, you hate it? Big deal if FMA got a higher rating than Clannad or whatever. You really shouldn’t go around hating around because of some quote that Edward says. Its a catchphrase duh! It was meant to say over 100 times or what flipping number you think. But seriously…dont rant to the world about it. Besides it’s pretty old

  6. @AnimeOtaku: Have people never spoiled anything for you? It happens. A lot of shows, characters, and ships (pairings) have been ruined for me. You ever heard of Homestuck? I love it. And the characters Dirk Strider and Jake English. I hate them. I hate the pairing Dirk/Jake. Why? IT’S POPULAR. When something is popular, it gets BORING and ANNOYING. It’s easy to say “You can’t hate something because it’s popular!” However, there is a lot of logic behind hating something because it’s popular.

    People have a right to hate things, and they have a right to hate something because of other people. I think FMA is a poorly made anime. Just because it’s “classic” doesn’t mean it’s good. I hate it because of that and I hate it because of my overly-obsessed friend who keeps bugging me to watch it even though I have. I didn’t like it. It’s a simple as that.

    Also, people have a right to rant. If you don’t want to read said rant, don’t. Your opinion is that you like FMA. Great! Go praise it! But when people like something, other people may hate it. They have as much a right to say hateful things (as long as they don’t hurt anyone doing so) as you have a right to say nice things.

    Since your comment was posted here a year ago, you will definitely not see my lovely little rant here. However, I feel like making a point.

  7. Dude…. I don’t even… I am an experienced anime watcher, and I can honestly say that I love FMA, and Clannad both, okay? I’ve seen way too many anime to count and have read a lot of manga.
    It is incredibly immature to announce you hate an anime simply because other people like it so much. Even if that is the case, there’s no reason to put up on a website for the world to see.
    Okay, yeah, I can kind of understand this kind of post for something that’s not worth the time. For example, SAO, who even non-anime fans have heard about by now despite how… Mediocre it was, but FMA?
    Not to mention, why are you comparing FMA with Clannad in the first place? They’re in completely different genres besides maybe romance elements.
    I don’t know why you lost your love for FMA, but there’s no reason to hate on it. I mean, why start a fight over two things that are better than the average anime for such a stupid reason? Just don’t read favorite anime polls then! Sheesh.

  8. So immature. I had a huge rant for you but my internet refreshed. Whatever, it’s probably for the best anyways. I’ll sum it up.
    You’re being immature. There’s no need to rant about such a stupid thing. Just don’t read the flipping favorite anime polls then! Just because something is popular, doesn’t mean you need to hate it. I’ll use a more modern example: Everybody and their brother loves SAO right now. I don’t. Why? Not because it’s popular. It’s simply an average show that doesn’t deserve the attention. It’s a show that is used just to pass time. If something is going to be popular (like FMA) it should try a little harder to deserve it. Or else, we should just keep what’s popular, popular: Clannad:AS, FMA, etc.
    Also, something to say read quick. It’s pretty obvious why FMA is beating Clannad in the polls. I can say this objectively, FMA has a wider projected audience: it has battle scenes and blood for guys, romantic scenes for girls, and a lot of scenes the entire family can enjoy. While Clannad, not saying it isn’t good, has a more female intended audience because guys don’t usually go for all that mushy stuff.
    Oops I ended up typing a lot anyways. I like them both anyways, and I find there’s no need to fight over such trivial matters when Otakus are Otakus in the end and we should all try to get along, ‘Kay?

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