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3DS Impressions Video

So recently (meaning today we got to try out the 3DS at the Best Buy at the Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh. I can officially say without a doubt that it is pretty awesome. The 3d work quite well, the buttons feel sturdy, the build quality is high and the screen is very nice looking.  Just hit the link for the full preview.

We played Pilot Wings Resort since it was the only playable thing on the demo unit, they locked out the menu, so no camera test.  I can easily say that if you liked Pilot Wings for the SNES or N64, you will more than likely like this new entry.

In the demo, you have the jet pack, plane, and hang glider. All handled nicely with the new slide pad. The 3d effects for the game were also nice. While subtle, it does add a new dimension both in a literal and figurative sense. The depth allows for better judgement of checkpoint  positions, and better distance judgement when coming near land. I also found that the best results were with the slider about 3/4ths of the way up. At full 3d, it still worked fine, but was a little harder to use standing.

Viewing angles in 3d mode were a little small, but not really enough to be annoying since you won’t be moving it around too much anyways I would hope. I was perfectly comfortable holding it roughly 15-17 inches away and still being able to experience the 3d.

My only problem with Pilots Wings overall though was that you use your Miis instead of the original characters. Problems with the 3DS were near impossible to really find. The Dpad position is really the only slight downside, but it isn’t really enough of a problem to worry about. I experienced no cramping using the Dpad at that position.

Here is a  short video clip of the 3DS we recorded earlier today.


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