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More Code Geass Incomming

More Code Geass is a good thing too me. I enjoyed the first 2 seasons, and the manga is alright. Plus, I  love CLAMP character designs even if the people are noodle armed.

Code Geass Anime: Gaiden Boukoku no Akito is the name of the new title. It takes place 7 years after the first season and apparently some shit went down that caused Lelouch’s hope for world peace didn’t happen. So, some people from Area 11 (Japan) are on a mission with only a 5%. Seems like they are pretty much screwed.

Currently there is no release date or details about whether it is an anime or manga. I am hoping for an anime since I don’t read a whole lot of manga. Also, I hope Lelouch comes back since I believe he is still alive even with that ending.


Yen Plus To Go Out Of Print

But it will be online for free. They have just decided to go to an ad based service online to cut down on cost and to make the kids that refuse to buy anything happy. They be publishing the individual manga volumes though, so don’t worry, they aren’t taking everything off the shelves.

As for people that subscribed, you will get your money back. So everyone is happy in a way. I myself am saddened to see another manga anthology magazine going out. But I guess as long as the company stays, it will be fine.


Twilight Korean Manga Coming Out On March 16

Okay, so, who actually wants this? I don’t and I don’t see many people other than the Twilight fan girls who want everything related to it they can get.

Yen press will be publishing it and Stephanie Meyer says it is great and has so much hard work put into it by Korean manhwaga Young Kim. I think she is just saying this to get more sales for a series that is slowly losing popularity.

Story wise, Twilight is unoriginal, boring after about 200 pages, and not worth a re-read.  So I don’t see why it is liked by all these girls and middle aged moms.  I enjoyed it and all, but not the fanaticism that follows it.


Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya Announced

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya was announced, but it is a manga about a boy with a mechanical arm that can shoot throwing stars out. But, at least CC is still in it, along with some guy who looks kinda like Lelouch.

Currently set for release in 2010, I expect it too sell pretty well and be out in the US not to long after.

They have stated that there will be other manga and probably an anime announced later on as the rebirth of Geass is a project that encompasses multiple things.

I think I will watch my Code Geass DVDs now since I am getting more pumped for new Code Geass material.

Source (Includes scans from the announcement page)

Higurashi Getting mahjong Manga…

Seriously, what the hell? I know it has a Mahjong game and all, but a manga about a group of girls and 1 boy similar to the picture above will probably be totally messed up. Stabbing a child’s fingers if they make a good move, beheading the winner, torturing those unwilling to play, etc.

It is set to be released in the magazine Kindai Mahjong and the title will be Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ~Tsubamegaeshi Hen~.

I’m willing to give it a read, but I don’t expect the quality of the original manga considering it’s about the psychopaths playing manga.


Yu Yu Hakusho And Yu-Gi-Oh GX Ending In Shonen Jump US

Well, Shonen Jump has made it to their second fully finished manga since it came into existence. Yuyu Hakusho will finally come to an end in the US Shonen Jump magazine in next months issue, along with Yu-Gi-Oh GX which they are just getting out of the manga.

GX will still be release in graphic novel form and all, but that is still too much in m opinion.

Yuyu Hakusho has been running in the magazine since it’s first issue, so it definitely has seen a lot. But maybe this lack of a monthly story will cause some to want to go out and buy the manga. You never know.


Crayon-Shin Chan Going On Until February

Crayon-Shin-chan-1Well, more chapters were discovered of Shin-Chan, so it won’t be ending this month after all. I myself am surprised it will be going on for so long considering the author is dead.

Right now, more chapters will be coming out until February.

More chapters should make fans happy, or it just might make them feel worse because every time they are almost out of the stress of waiting, more things happen. But, either way, there will always be more manga out there to read.


Another Shojo Manga Magazine Coming To Replace Shojo Beat?

logo1Seems that way, but not like you may be thinking. The founder has said that it will have more of a Japanese culture type thing to it with some manga from amateur manga-ka and some doujin artist. So, it’s almost like a way for the lesser known Japanese artist to get international recognition. NOt that I have a problem with that, but I still would like a more carbon copy of Shojo Beat.

Also, they are in talks with other US pubs to see if they can get the licenses that aren’t being published anymore or never were. So, we still may see some known manga.

And before anyone is like, “OMG, I GET SUM MOAR SHOJO MANGOS SOON!” Remember that this is still in the planning stages and could very well end before it ever starts.

I don’t feel like listing all the details, but it’s certainly an interesting, yet risky, idea. You can go here for more information by reading the interview.

Tokyopop’s New Acquisitions Announced At NYAF ’09

3347059475_942571899fTokyopop announced quite a few new titles at NYAF this year. So, here is the list of all of them:

Song and Laughter By Natsuki Takaya

Ratman By Sekihiko Inui

.hack//Link By Megane Kikuya

Seikon no Qwaser By Hiroyuki Yoshino

Croquis By Hinako Takanaga

Blood Honey By Sakyō Yozakura

Love Knot By Lemon Ichijō

Cute Demon By Hiro Madarame

Love Story In The Isolated Island By DUO Brand

Currently, they are all set for a 2010 release, so there is still a while off before these hit US shores officially. Though, long waits should be nothing for anyone who is a fan of Haruhi.


Nodame Cantabile Manga Coming To An End This October

nodameThe Nodame Cantabile manga is coming to an end now with an 8 and a half year run. That’s a pretty decent from for a non-shonen title too.

The final chapter is set to be released in vol. 20 of Kiss magazine this October 10th. I couldn’t find I reason, but I assume it is because Tomoko Ninomiya has grown tired of it and plans to start a new series. Or, he might be retiring all together soon.

Nodame Cantabile is about Noda Megumi (Nodame) and Chiaki Shinichi falling in love. Both are talented pianist, but both are different in life styles. Nodame tends to be a slob that eats too much, takes very little showers, and is highly disorganized. Chiaki on the other hand is a refined pianist from a musical family. They slowly start to grow to who they truly are and change over time. Without one another, neither would mature like they have.


Kimi no Kakera To Start Again After 2 Year Hiatus

Kimi_no_Kakera26 months is a long time, and many have probably forgotten about Kimi no Kakera,  but it is coming back this October 17th with the 7th volume being released.

Shin Takahashi has also stated that they have started posting installments on the Shogakukan website and will be posting more every Friday starting on September 25th.

Kimi no Kakera is about a princess who can’t feel happiness named Icoro, and a boy who can’t feel pain named Shiro. These 2 travel across the country trying to stop the war that is going on, but they are chased by people who want to kill them too.


To Love-Ru And 2 Other Manga Series Coming To An End

To_LOVE_Ru_Mikan_Lala_Sarenji_by_MugiwaraCookAll good things must come to an end i guess. To Love-RU’s run is finally coming to an end on August 31. No more new chapters in the manga.

Not only is To Love-RU coming to an end, but Freesia and Noramimi. But, I could care less about those 2, all I want is more To Love-RU.

No more Mikan, Lala, Yami-chan, or Haruna. :( Oh well, I guess this may lead to more season of the anime hopefully. But, I still am waiting for someone to license it for release in the US. I would like to have an official copy of it after all.


Kuroshitsuji Manga To Run In Yen+

kuroshitsuji-scans-sebastian_00018To celebrate Yen Press’s 1 year anniversary of Yen+, the are adding Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) to there list of manga they are publishing.

The first chapter is supposed to run in August’s issue.

Kuroshitsuji is about this demon guy who serves this little kid who is smart and greedy. HE is able to do anything because, like I said, he is a demon.

That’s the story. What else is there to say?

Well, I’m gonna go now, probably take a dump and play BlazBlue. So, Bye.


Eden Of The East: The King Of Eden Trailer Posted

higashi-no-eden-exhibitionism-india censored

Click image for uncensored.

Eden Of The East, the penis flashing anime of the spring and also the best anime this spring, has had it’s movie’s trailer posted. You can watch it here.

Also, there is probably more penis flashing in the movie, but we will have to wait an see.

From the video, I think it is a direct sequel to the series. But I could be wrong since I still have 2 episodes to watch in the TV series. Either way, Eden of The East deserve more than 11 episodes, so even a re-telling would be awesome. Maybe they are going with the style that Macross F is where the first is a re-telling and the second movie is a direct sequel. I don’t know.

Hopefully someone ends up licensing this because it would be nice to be able to pop in the DVD any time I want and watch it. FUNi did a survey not to long ago hinting that they are looking into it. Maybe soon we will know.

Viz Raising Prices Of Manga

key_art_viz_mediaOMG! It’s the end of the world! Not really, just shows that Viz is wanting to make a bit more money. For now on, Viz published manga (Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat) will be $9.99 instead of $8.99. Though, older releases are still going to be the same.

“HOLY SHIT! THATS A LOT!” is what many people will think at first, until they realize they spend even more on pants they get little to no enjoyment out of.

Viz has said they are only doing it to stay consistent with the industry, so I doubt they will raise it again any time soon. Really, its no different than Microsoft and Sony making the MSRP of games $60. I just hopw anime doesn’t increase in price since I am more of an anime person than a manga person.


Shojo Beat’s Last Issue Will Be July Issue

ShojoBeat_Dec08_500Another loss  in the anime/manga industry. They might not be an individual company since they are part of Viz, but Shojo Beat’s cancellation is a bad thing none the less.

Today, Viz has stated that they had quit accepting subscriptions and the company that publishes it said the publication is ending in July. Currently, you can get issues of Shonen Jump to replace ant remaining months for your Shojo Beat subscription.

As for the Shojo Beat single volume manga, no one has stated if they are effected, but I think more than likely, they will be finished.

This is another bad thing cause by online manga sites that claim “fair use” and let everyone read licensed manga for free. Hopefully the US companies and Japanese companies wil find a way to fix this soon.

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