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X-Japan To Be Based In US Soon

Awesome news today guys, X-Japan will now be based in the US, meaning they may have more US tours and I might be able to see them in concert.

In a move that isn’t to surprising considering Yoshiki lives in the US and it is hard to live in 2 countries at once.

Oh how I wish more Japanese bands and singers would do concert in the US, I already get to see NOIZ in concert (which is awesome and loudd), but I want Maximum the Hormone, MELL, or High and Mighty Color. I also want to see Utada in concert, but everytime she does one, I can’t go because I live in the middle of no where.

Oh well, I guess I can hope this will lead to better things, but even if it doesn’t for me, there are more people for me to be jealous of.



2009Mar03212423_15411Why is it that I’m always poor when stuff like this is put up for pre-order? Seriously, look at it. Is amazing looking.

Black_Rock_shooter_pic-739540If anyone wants to order it for me, leave a comment and I will set up a thing for you to order it for me only. You can’t get one for yourself, just me.

Oh and here is the song with the character this statue is based on. The virtual idol Miku Hatsune sung it.

Lets Be Friends

a80489e9f158e88598a36111db53652f1234988677_fullNot really, I just want your money. Please, I need some sort of income. How about subscribing to crunchyroll through my link? You will get anime and be helping me save m0ney.

Well, I know that won’t work, so I will end my hopes of getting your money.

Today though, I learned that dancing for people at the gas station makes them angry. I was doing pretty good, but they didn’t like it. Well, the gas station employee didn’t like, I think the customers did. I will probably do it again somewhere else, but bring my camera the next time.

Also, I think I found a new favorite game for sure. I know I mentioned BlazBlue before, but now it has cemented itself as an all time favorite of mine. If anyone wants to play me on it, I have the PS3 version. Just add Kamanashi to your friends and I will try to verse you sometime.

Well, I am probably gonna go watch Bleach and Canaan now. If you care about reading about what I do everyday, you can subscribe to my Twitter. the link to it is rather simple. http://twitter.com/kamanashi

Bye all you dirty stalkers. :)

(I know you guys are really stalkers, so no need to be angry.)

MELL To Sing At Otakon This Year

mellMell, one of the longest singer’s from I’ve Sound, will be singing at Otakon. Some of you may know her from her theme songs to Black Lagoon (Red Fraction) or Hayate no Gotoku (Proof).

One day, I will go to Otakon. They always get the cool guest and they have so many people. One day, it will be my turn.

Black Lagoon Season 1 Set $29.99 –       Hayate The Combat Butler Part 1 $29.99

Mell’s Myspace for all you stalkers


Kuusou Rumba Parody “Kuusou Roomba”

Since I got home not too long ago, I didn’t post anything until now. But, I say this is worth it since it is rather awesome.

Almost Daily WTF Of The Day: Old Ass People Rapping

I don’t think they realize what they are saying.

Almost Daily WTF Of The Day: Somehow This Is On ITunes

Everyday is a new dissapointment for me. This time, I learned that the human race is willing too pay for this song.