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I Will Never look At Bayonetta The Same Way Ever Again

WARNING: The following video will probably offend people, but I don’t really care. It’s your choice whether or not you want to watch it. But in all honesty, it is rather funny.

Also, this is definitely NSFW

[Dailymotion id=xcoqdz]



Do you have genital problems in your chair???

This is my chair. Its a nice chair I’ve sat in it for over a year now. I do everything in it, type, play games, watch TV and movies….everything ;)

BUT NO I’m told that this chair is bad for me. It should be causing me pain in my lower back (which I do have at times but i mean come on that’s probably going to happen if you sit in a chair for any amount of time over seven hours). I’m told I should buy a chair called Salli.

This is the Salli chair. Its like a normal saddle chair. It doesn’t have a back rest which somehow helps your back…

It also seems to be unlockable. Which means you sit on it and it goes down. You get up it goes up. This also somehow helps your posture and other things. BUT THERE IS A BONUS TO THIS CHAIR. In the middle its wide open. Perfect to let your genitals fall down. All other chairs don’t have this which leads to unwanted genital squishing.

Don’t believe me about the genitals thing? Watch the video…

Toilet That Will Flush Even The Turds Of An Elephant

That’s a nice toilet, wouldn’t you agree? Imagine flushing a 40Lb turd and not have your toilet clog up.

Almost Daily WTF?: Oppai Crane Game

35152__448x_boob_machineWTF indeed. Over in Japan they have these things. I do not know what store or arcade, but they are there.

Imagine having thousands of them and pouring them out in a room full of teenage boys, that would be funny since most of them would start fighting over them.

Though, they do seem like they would burst easily, so that may not be a good idea.

Via SComplex

A friendly reminder…


For somereason this reminds me of two very very large people in my life that actually live by this some what…and there names start with a B

Best Thing I have Read All Day

Ok, this story made me smile. Everyone knows what the nasty Brussels Sprout things are right? Well, what do you think happens when a gorilla eats them? Nausea? Or even crying? Both happened at this one zoo. It was so bad, the zoo officials had to apologize for the massive farts that came from the asses of the gorillas. I mean, if it was so bad it could make a child cry, there was something wrong. If I could fart like that, it would be awesome. I would be a walking tear gas grenade. Oh well, I guess I will leave it to the professionals. Here is the link to the article.

Best Song Ever

I love this song so much now.