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King Of Thorn English Trailer Up Now

king-of-thornKing Of Thorn had it’s movie announced back in June, and finally we get a trailer. You will have to leave my great blog to see it though, so just go here, but remember to come back.

King of Thorn is about a virus that basically calcifies the body. 100% death rate and no cure in site, they decide to put a bunch of the infected into cryostasis until they have a cure. Well, they don’t get that cure. When everyone wakes up, they learn that the shit hit the fan long ago, but in order to learn what exactly happened, they have to survive first. Monsters, or whatever they are attack them, the thorny vines move, and there are only 7 of them left in the facility. Can they live through it to reach the outside?

Set for a 2010 release worldwide, Sunrise has definitely shown that there will be some good anime coming out then. This movie will probably be my favorite movie of next year for sure. Hopefully they give a better date soon though.

Writing Things Is A Serious Business

270911970_db35fdd4caAnd yet I make nothing from it. Over the past 6 months, I have slowly grown. At one point, I was bearely getting 10 views a week, now Im getting 100 and up in a single day. I would like to thank everyone who comes here each day to read what I think, it makes me feel like I did something, especially since I never expected to reach a point where I could get this many views in one day.

Originally, I was doing everything on Blogspot, but that was to annoying to me, so I moved to wordpress. Here is the link to the original blogspot one. WordPress has brought me more viewers and thus increased the amount of posts I do.  I think I am doing pretty good since I am normally the only one posting anything.

Every web site starts out small, and one day, Paradigm Shift News will be bigger and have a real staff. Hell, I might even change the name one day, but it all takes time.

Maybe once I get a job I can do more reviews too.

100th Post!!


An idea that I got during a boring school day has turned into something I enjoy now. Thats a groundbreaking idea. But it still isn’t helping me take over the world.

1bc7b304e8d310_fullSo, I need more people, I might have a new poster sometime this month if he accepts, so I might be able to have minions to help me. If all goes well, the internet will be mine along with the world. You can help me out by telling your friends about this place. Make sure you also bring waffles.