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FUNimation Starts Streaming Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom ~ At Same Time As Japan

wwwdarlinganimecomStarting with the episode, which they started streaming at 11:30 AM, FUNi wil be doing each episode after. This is also a surprising announcement the 4th epi. was shown here before it was in Japan. It may have only been by 1 hour and 45 minutes, but that is still a significant time in a way.

Phantom is about a 2 assassins named Phantom and Zwei. These 2 work for Inferno, an organization that has been sending people out to kill mafia leaders, and Zwei was forced too join against his will through brainwashing. The world is a dark place full of violence, betrayal, and misery for the 2 as they try to survive and unravel the mystries around them.

You can start watching it here since all 4 of the first episodes are online now.

Haruhi Tissue Box Collection Will Cost You A Lot

9681-620x-haruhitissuesThese are the best tissues in the world, even if they are probably going tear from being pulled out of the box. The only reason I like them so much is because of Haruhi, anything that she is in is good. But, would I be willing to spend $210 for them and the acrylic display cases? No, unless I when the lottery. at ¥525 per box, they are rather expensive.

The Japanese are so lucky, they get all these cool anime related goods while the best we get here is some keychains and necklaces. Once I ge a job, I will save up so I can go to Japan for a week and buy all the cool things I can.

Source (Japanese Store Page)

Source English

Blood: The Last Vampire English Trailer

Looks good to me. May be a slighlty different story, but should be entertaining. Can’t wait for the US release and possible theater release.