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To Aru Majutsu no Index season 2 announced

Finally, we get more Misaka and Index. Season 2 was announced in a magazine ad, along wit ha PSP game set to come out in 2010. Sankaku Complex says that this may mean a 2010 release for the anime is probably going to happen as well, which makes sense.

Currently, there is no set release for the anime, just speculation, but we do have 1 confirmed thing, and that is there will be new story since this will be extended past the current 18 volumes of manga and light novels.

Can’t wait for this. All I know is that 2010 is so far a pretty good year for anime.


Final Fantasy XIII Unboxing

Here is an unboxing video for all the people that happen to read stuff I type.

Excitement Is Coming!

But one does simply siege tank the hell out of the enemy base in Starcraft.

It’s been 237 days since I last did a post like this. I think I will start doing a daily update again since it was one thing I enjoyed doing a lot and can’t quite remember why  I stopped.

Today was, rather uneventful. Lost ended up coming on later thanks to shitsketball, but the fact that the beta forums for Starcraft 2 came up on Battle.net made up for that. I can feel the anticipation coming every day now. They might as well just release it already since I doubt there is much else they can change in 12 days. But, even if it doesn’t come out tomorrow, I still have ot level back up to 70 on Modern Warfare 2 and finished all the anime I bought.

Regarding the anime, I have Baccano, Slayers 1-3, Ai Yori Aoshi, and all the shows  I watch on Crunchyroll that I got behind on. Oh yeah, I still need to watch FMA: Brotherhood. So yeah, I still have plenty to do while I wait for the  beta. You know what, instead of typing more of this post, I think I will go watch some anime right now. It’s only 10:30PM so I still have sometime left before I become to tired to stay awake any more.

I guess this is bye for now then.

Omamori Himari Coming To Crunchyroll

Omamori Himari will be coming to Crunchyroll in about 2 days for Members to watch.

The anime about a guy who who is protected by a cat girl because his family has a history with fighting demons is coming and you can expect me to try it out and see if it is any good.

If you want to stare at a countdown for nearly 2 days though, you can go to the official page here.

Also, remember that if you plan to sign up for Crunchyroll, go through my link on the left side. It helps me out, and it makes you feel better for being nice.

Promo 1

Promo 2

Chimpanzee Riding On A Segway = EPIC!

This could possibly be the most epic thing Japan has ever done.

Omamori Himari Promo 2

Omamori Himari Promo