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Canaan BluRay May Not Ship On Time (But Only If You Didn’t Order From RightStuf)

So, as you may have read from the title of this post which comes 2 months after my last post, it seems that the BluRay version of Canaan is only shipping if you ordered it from RightStuf. Amazon has stated that they didn’t receive any copies and are put on a 2 month backorder until further notice. Many other people in this thread on ANN are stating they had the same or similar happen to them with other stores.

Just getting a warning out for those who happened to be waiting for a shipping confirmation from Amazon and didn’t receive one. I myself hit them up wit ha question and got an answer back quickly, so that’s how I know about the backorder. Just gonna cancel my Amazon order, pay the extra $6, and wait a a couple extra days I suppose to get it from RightStuf since at least they should ship it out accordingly.

Also, to those who are all “LOL, YOU MAD? I HAZ MUH COPY ON DUH DVD!” Fuck you and your toilet. Ok, not really, but I am still mad.

Code Gayass: A Code Geass Parody

WARNING: I take no responsibility if you get in trouble for watching this. There is quite a bit of mature humor in it, and it may be offensive to some if not most people. By pressing play, you agree that you are a masochist and enjoy offensive material. You hereby agree to also not sue me for any mental scarring related to incest, rape, murder, mature humor, life, etc, or really anything at all. I have Phoenix Wright on my side, so you will lose anyways.

If you agree, proceed. If you do not agree, click here.

Also, I recommend watching in HD with fullscreen as it makes the subs a lot easier to read.

Dear Freedom AMV

1 word, EPIC!

Sentai Flimworks Adds 3 New Titles

c0052350_47eb4d1c7c84dClannad After Story, He Is My Master, and Ghost Hound were added by Sentai Filmworks and are set to start releasing in October.

All 3 will be Subtitle only like earlier Sentai titles.

Clannad season 1 was released earlier in 2 collections and was met with many fans enjoying it. Many places were sold out, leading to a second printing being made.

Clannad Part 1 and Part 2 from Amazon

Clannad Part 1 and Part 2 from Rightstuf


AIKa Zero Promo

Well, at least you know if you liked the panty shots and boob from the original AIKa seasons, you will like these ones as well. There were plenty of them in this promo, even when they started the part about AIKa Zero at the end.

Code Geass Streaming Subbed and Dubbed For Free On Crunchyroll

6c94e7ed44cb3415614026d73bc1cded1234498334_fullJust last year, Bandai was mad at Crunchyroll for allowing copyrighted material on their website, now Bandai is allowing said material on it for legally. Crunchyroll is definitely becoming a much more respectable website recently. So why not go and support this change more by watching Code Geass.

A link to the Code Geass page is right here, so you have no reason to not go see a great anime. Though, you have to be in the United States or Canada to view the videos, so sorry to any body in Europe or where ever you are from. But, I guess you could use a proxy…

Also, there are adverts, so you need to watch those too keep the site running.