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I started my second job today. This time I will be temporarily working in the IT department of a pharmacy. It’s not really like the image above, but it is still better than standing in one spot for 5 hours in the sun. Though, I wouldn’t mind being able to work with Aoi Yamada since she is so awesome. Yamada isn’t in this image though, so it’s not that great.

Over all, it was a decent day, got some stuff done there, and came home to sleep. It feels like school in a way, except I’m the youngest there, I think. Haven’t seen anyone that is under 18, so I think I can safely assume I am the youngest. But who cares, I have a job, even if it is only for 5 or 6 weeks. That just means a little extra spending money for me.

Anime wise today, I have watched the 12th episode of Working!! and plan to watch the rest of Shuffle! volume 5 before bed. I am hoping to rewatch most of my anime by the time I start college in August, but I don’t know how that will go, we will have to wait and see. I doubt I will make it since that is like, 300 DVDs at the moment. To be precise, it is 287 DVDs, and possibly more since I am hoping to have My-Otome by next week, which will be another 7  DVDs. Thats roughly 5 a day, each being around 1.5 hours… Ok, I won’t make it, but I think I can do by the end of the year at least.

Well, I’m gonna get back to watching Shuffle! now. Thanks for reading what I had to say!

Excitement Is Coming!

But one does simply siege tank the hell out of the enemy base in Starcraft.

It’s been 237 days since I last did a post like this. I think I will start doing a daily update again since it was one thing I enjoyed doing a lot and can’t quite remember why  I stopped.

Today was, rather uneventful. Lost ended up coming on later thanks to shitsketball, but the fact that the beta forums for Starcraft 2 came up on Battle.net made up for that. I can feel the anticipation coming every day now. They might as well just release it already since I doubt there is much else they can change in 12 days. But, even if it doesn’t come out tomorrow, I still have ot level back up to 70 on Modern Warfare 2 and finished all the anime I bought.

Regarding the anime, I have Baccano, Slayers 1-3, Ai Yori Aoshi, and all the shows  I watch on Crunchyroll that I got behind on. Oh yeah, I still need to watch FMA: Brotherhood. So yeah, I still have plenty to do while I wait for the  beta. You know what, instead of typing more of this post, I think I will go watch some anime right now. It’s only 10:30PM so I still have sometime left before I become to tired to stay awake any more.

I guess this is bye for now then.


I was looking for some where that had FLCL in the ultimate DVD collection just last week. While I am still disappointed that they haven’t announced any new anime, at least I can finally get FLCL at a decent price instead of the extremely high prices that “collectors” want you to pay.

Currently, it is set for release on DVD and BluRay later in 2010, so we still have a while to wait. Let’s just hope the wait is worth it.


Claymore AMV

I might get Claymore if it’s always that awesome.

Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Getting Movie

Kurosagi1Another manga is getting the US live action treatment. Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service is in development right now with Universal. That basically translates to, we are trying to find a way to alienate fans. Luckily for me, I haven’t read it, so if it’s different, I won’t know.

Currently, Dark Horse is publishing this manga in the states and they are up to Vol. 9. TO many for me to want to go out and buy right now, but, maybe one day when I have a job.

This was announced at Comi-Con earlier today.

Soul Eater

This Sunday I started watching Soul Eater. Its an anime about this school, Shibusen, in the Death City. The school is ran by the shinigami death… Continue reading

A Useful Day For Watching School Rumble

799589631_sawachikaAnd tha tis about all I did. I also watched Toradora. I guess I didn’t make this a very productive day after all. Who cares, I was lazy and thats all that matters. I mean, isn’t that what it means to be American? Being lazy and drinking Coke.

Like i said earlier, I didn’t do anything, so, I have ot make up things to make my life seem more interesting.

I fought this huge ass bear thing in my yard today. I was like Woah, you are a huge MoFo. But the bear said “f*ck you, I’m just big boned.” THen I laughed because that sounded perverted. Finally, I kick his ass.

Ugh… look what you made me do, I had to think. Here, watch this as a recooperate.