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Kara no Kyoukai Coming To US, But Not In The Way Many Had Hoped

So, Kara no Kyoukai is being released in the US, but not at a reasonable price for the US anime market. At $400 to order from RightStuf, you will be getting all of it along with a nice box and an art book. But, what about the people that have never seen it and would like to watch it atleast once? FUCK THEM! I have been told this is for collectors by many people on forums.

Now, I count myself as an anime collector, but, I also have the common sense to know that I shouldn’t spend a whole pay check on 1 series that is shorter than most shows I can get for $100. And yes, I know I spent close to $250 on Lucky Star LE singles and $200 on Haruhi singles, but that was also spread out over months. I can’t afford to spend $400 on something I may or may not like.

Then, there are people on other sites saying that people like me who say support the industry are hypocrites for not being willing to spend $400 on this. Well,  I would be a hypocrite if I were to go and download it after saying that, but I have no intention to do so since I believe someone will eventually release a cheaper version somewhere down the line. I surely hope someone does though, because this is reminding of the old days of anime that I was not really part of as much since I was 10 or younger.

I just want to watch KnK without going bankrupt. That is all.

Oh well, I can wait. I mean shit, I have waited much longer for things (such as teh time between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime). There are tons more for me to buy while I wait  for a reasonable release of KnK. Until then,  will just wait. If it never is released, then I just wont see it. If not seeing one thing were to bother me, I would be crazy since I still haven’t seen the thousands of other anime out there.

Info via ANN


Shiki, The Vampires Are Cool Again Anime, Promo Up Now

Shiki, the anime that is making vampires cool again for me, has had it’s promo posted. Here be the link to it.

Shiki is about a village of roughly 1,300. Slowly, the people start to die off, and they eventually find out there is a vampire attack going on. That right there already makes it better than the other vampire shit the US has been releasing (Twilight). But what do I think based on the promo? well, there wasn’t really a whole lot to it. I know the art isn’t that bad, and there are some people that like to talk all at the same time, but that is about all I know from it.

Shiki is slated to start airing July 8th in Japan. ALso, it will probably be acquired by FUNimation based on the track record of Fuji TV anime.

Gurren Lagann Films Coming This July From Aniplex USA

Well, we now have the Gurren Lagann  movies up for pre-order exclusively from Bandai’s store online. But that is fine by me since I have been wanting to get this for a while.

The movies are re-tellings of the show with new footage. Typical for a Japanese anime movie based on a popular title that isn’t a shonen one. Some of these movies are good, some aren’t, but fans will buy them anyways.

Currently, the first one is set for release on July 1st with the second one coming out July 30th. So both in the same month.

If you are looking to pre-rder them, the links are below.

Gurren Lagann the Movie -Childhood’s End Normal/Limited

Gurren Lagann the Movie -The Lights in the Sky Are Stars Normal/Limited

So-Ra-No-Wo-To, Hanamaru Kindergarten, and Durarara!! Now On Crunchyroll

3 new shows from the Winter 2010 season are now on Crunchyroll for your enjoyment. So-Ra-No-Wo-To, Hanamaru Kindergarten, and Durarara!!

So-Ra-No-Wo-To’s story can be found on my earlier post here.

Hanamaru Kindergarten sounds like Kodomo no Jikan, but without the pervertedness and the main character is younger. Basically, the girl is in love with her teacher and is trying to win his love, but since he isn’t a pedophile, he refuses every time.

Durarara!! is abotu a guy who wanted excitement inn his like, so he moves to the Ikebukuro ut has a run in with the city Legend the first day there.

Shiki Getting Anime From Aniplex

Shiki is about a mountain village of 1,300 people who start dying in groups. They later find out that they are being attacked by vampires.

Sounds interesting, and Aniplex is the company behind the anime adaptation, so expect good things. Plus, anime vampires are so much cooler than Twilight ones, so there is another reason to watch it.

Currently, there is no set date, but I am going to guess summer 2010.


Sekirei And Both Seasons Tetsuwan Birdy Decode Acquired By FUNimation

Sekirei is about this loser named Minato who finds out he has the power to attract like, 108 hot chicks to his side and they some how awaken his true power after that. That is all I know. It sounds almost like Pokemon, but with girls and they will probably hit Minato a lot for him being a pervert or something.

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode on the other hand sounds like it may be good. Birdy is part of the space police who trave from planet to planet fighting crime. One day she accidentally kills an Earth boy and takes his soul into her body so they can coexist since he would otherwise die. They now live together in her body, but she takes over when she is in her Decode form. All this is happening while the boy’s body heals over time.

Both are set for a DVD release sometime in 2010.

Source 1

Source 2

So-Ra-No-Wo-To Promo Online

soranowotoYou can watch the promo here on the website.

As part of a partnership between Aniplex and TV Tokyo, The Strength of Anime will be bring So-Ra-No-Wo-To (Sounds of The Skies) to TVs this coming January. Many big names are working on the project such as Mamoru Kanbe and Hiroyuki Yoshino, so we can expect some good stuff.

Based on the promo, the character designs seemed pretty good and the backgrounds were well done, so at least the art style is good. The story sounds decent too. Kanata Kumika is a 15 year old girl who always wanted to join the army. Finally, she gets her chance, Kanata joins the military as part of a 5 person team to protect the fortress. War has ravaged the land in the past, and now times are down.The 5 girls are just trying to live happily while they can, playing music for the towns people and just living their everyday lives.

Expect the manga version also to come out sometime later this year.