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3DS Impressions Video

So recently (meaning today we got to try out the 3DS at the Best Buy at the Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh. I can officially say without a doubt that it is pretty awesome. The 3d work quite well, the buttons feel sturdy, the build quality is high and the screen is very nice looking.  Just hit the link for the full preview. Continue reading


My Plan Was Just Beat

2eff6e6f7ff112e5a615d827980587241234872113_fullI didn’t succeed in the end. My plan was to try and convince my Mom to buy me this lap top when we went to Best Buy. The result was that I came home with nothing. One day, I will win though.

Other than that, I went and ate at Red Lobster and then came home. Nothing else really happened.While home, I did what I normally do. I played games. Killzone 2 for 2 hours since it is extra exp weekend. 2.5x as much for winning. Which is good since it may allow me ot do what I have been trying to do for a while now.

Well, Since today was rather uneventful, I think I will just go watch TV now. It’s not like I have anything to set up or to work for.

Best Buy To Close Anime Section In Stores

Well, this was a surprise today. I learned earlier that Best Buy plans to shut down in-store anime sales, and go to online only for anime. With it being one of the few brick and mortar shops that had a dedicated anime section, and one that could compete with online, it is a bad thing. But, I really don’t mind to much since I only shop there maybe once or twice a year. I usually buy from Buy.com, Rightstuf, or DeepDiscount anyways.