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More Code Geass Incomming

More Code Geass is a good thing too me. I enjoyed the first 2 seasons, and the manga is alright. Plus, I  love CLAMP character designs even if the people are noodle armed.

Code Geass Anime: Gaiden Boukoku no Akito is the name of the new title. It takes place 7 years after the first season and apparently some shit went down that caused Lelouch’s hope for world peace didn’t happen. So, some people from Area 11 (Japan) are on a mission with only a 5%. Seems like they are pretty much screwed.

Currently there is no release date or details about whether it is an anime or manga. I am hoping for an anime since I don’t read a whole lot of manga. Also, I hope Lelouch comes back since I believe he is still alive even with that ending.


Bandai Get’s Code Geass: Knights and Queens Manga

Hey look, some more Code Geass stuff is coming to the United States. This time we get Knights, a manga anthology thing that focuses on the boys of Code Geass (Fanservice for the ladies) and Queens the one that focuses on the girls (fanservice for the guys). Well, I know which one I want since it will have C.C. in it. But I will probably end up getting all of them eventually.

Currently, Knights is set to start releasing in May and Queens for June. So not a long wait, but there will be a wait.


ahamony desu AMV

I Wouldn’t mind Seeing This Movie If Someone Really Were To Make It

I don’t remember if I posted this or not, but it still makes me laugh when I watch it.

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya Announced

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya was announced, but it is a manga about a boy with a mechanical arm that can shoot throwing stars out. But, at least CC is still in it, along with some guy who looks kinda like Lelouch.

Currently set for release in 2010, I expect it too sell pretty well and be out in the US not to long after.

They have stated that there will be other manga and probably an anime announced later on as the rebirth of Geass is a project that encompasses multiple things.

I think I will watch my Code Geass DVDs now since I am getting more pumped for new Code Geass material.

Source (Includes scans from the announcement page)

Code Geass Returning!

This picture alone shows that Zero is returning, stating that a new Code Geass project has been green-lit for production and more information will come out in 2010.According to the image, it is more or less a rebirth, so it may be based on one of the alternate reality manga, a sequel to the original anime, or even a whole new story all together.

More CC should be included too, which makes it so much better. Maybe even some Kallen if she is blowing stuff up still. Lelouch will definitely be back since he is a total bad ass.

If you want to see the image for yourself go here. It’s even signed by Zero.


lulu-is-dead-03Finally, I have finished my senior project report and Code Geass R2. Maybe now I can do something with Chemistry without bitchy ass Jenkins thinking she is the only teacher I have. One day, she will lose her job if she stays the way she is.

About 20 minutes ago I finished Code Geass R2, and it was awesome but also, I felt bad for Nunnally. She was finally able to see Lelouch, but… Well, if you have seen it, you know what happens. Well, he did kill Charles, so he has the power that C.C. has. Either way, the ending was satisfying since Suzaku was able to live and Kallen was able to go back to school. Plus, Villetta married Ohgi, which was a nice thing since they were like the Romeo and Juliet of Code Geass.

At school, we really didn’t do a whole lot. Not all that surprising to me.

Well, I’m going to take a shower then go to bed. I will be back tomorrow with whatever I find. You can watch this an maybe laugh, because he (I think it’s a guy) loves Full Moon, there is a girl in it. This is another example of people that need to have their camera’s broken. Also, note that he/she goes by hikik0m0ri, so obviously he/she doesn’t have any real life friends. Confinement isn’t a very good thing after all.