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BlazBlue X DS Trailer


THe game is a DSiWare game, meaning it is a download only one, but even that can’t justify making a stupid kid version of the game.


BlazBlue PSP Trailer

Not sure if I will buy this since I have it on PS3 already and the graphics won’t be as nice looking. Yeah, it will be portable, but there isn’t really any difference other than legion mode which could easily be added though an update to the PS3 version.

Blazblue Continuum Shift Trailer

I don’t mind buying again if they fix the overpowered characters. Plus, the added characters will be nice to have.

Λ-11 (Lambda), Hazama, and Tsubaki Yayoi are so far confirmed, but there may be more. I myself am more excited about Hazama then anybody else. Though, I would have liked to have squirrel girl Makoto.


nekohealing-71I don’t get it. People seem to confuse everyone, whether it’s online or in person. Multiple times, I have been confuse by someone that I have known for year, and yet I still don’t get why he does it. Then, I have the people I meet online through PSN, Xbox LIVE, and other places. One person told me that he enjoys putting peanut butter in his ass crack and leaving it there. He didn’t tell me why, he just said it in the middle of a Halo 3 match. For the rest of the game, I was hesitant to even talk anymore in the fear hem ay tell me more of his weird fetishes.

Even with all these weird people, I still go and play the same game. Just like the internet. When I saw the above picture, I was just going. WTF in my mind over and over again. Oh well, we will never understand the ways of the world.

As for today, it was rather uneventful indeed. Nothing note worthy. It stormed all morning. I beat a game. Played BlazBlue. That’s about all though, nothing else. Maybe tomorrow will be more eventful since we will be going to see Harry Potter. I might even go and dance in a parking lot again. That was fun.

Well, I think I am gonna try and make my self tired some how now. Probably by laying down and watching TV like I normally do. I will see some of you tomorrow after you read this, as for the others. I wont see you and probably never will even hear your voice.

Lets Be Friends

a80489e9f158e88598a36111db53652f1234988677_fullNot really, I just want your money. Please, I need some sort of income. How about subscribing to crunchyroll through my link? You will get anime and be helping me save m0ney.

Well, I know that won’t work, so I will end my hopes of getting your money.

Today though, I learned that dancing for people at the gas station makes them angry. I was doing pretty good, but they didn’t like it. Well, the gas station employee didn’t like, I think the customers did. I will probably do it again somewhere else, but bring my camera the next time.

Also, I think I found a new favorite game for sure. I know I mentioned BlazBlue before, but now it has cemented itself as an all time favorite of mine. If anyone wants to play me on it, I have the PS3 version. Just add Kamanashi to your friends and I will try to verse you sometime.

Well, I am probably gonna go watch Bleach and Canaan now. If you care about reading about what I do everyday, you can subscribe to my Twitter. the link to it is rather simple. http://twitter.com/kamanashi

Bye all you dirty stalkers. :)

(I know you guys are really stalkers, so no need to be angry.)

BlazBlue: Calamity trigger Coming To US In Summer ’09

This games looks awesome. To bad I have to wait till summer… Or I could just import it. Hmm… I think I will wait since it is already scheduled for a US release.

Press Release