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Trigun Being Re-Released This Fall on BluRay and DVD By FUNimation

This is the first “new” anime for FUNimation announced at Katsucon this weekend. Vash The Stampede is already returning for a movie in Japan, so maybe this move is a hint that maybe FUNimation has interest in acquiring the rights for that movie.

Currently, the DVD version is set for Fall of this year, but no word on whether that means the BluRay version comes out at the same time. I guess we will find out soon when thye send out the information to retailers for pre-orders.



Uchu Sentai NOIZ Coming To Animazement Again In 2010!

Awesome, so 1 confirmed musical guest. Considering they have it in plural on the website, I think we can expect more to be announced soon.

FUNimation Virtual Panel 1

This is a long panel, but interesting none the less since it is a new way to get panels shown even without an anime convention going on.

FUNimation Acquires Rights To All 5 Stages Of Initial D

InitialD1-1Oh snap! More race car driving on the road of illegalness. I’m gonna be a street racer now just because of this show.

FUNimation announced at NYAF this year that they had acquired the licensing rights Initial D to poison the minds of the young. Not only do they get to sell this anime, they also will be putting out a new dub and include the original sound track so they can have the crazy eurobeats playing. Don’t forget that it will be uncut.

Currently there is no set release date, but I would be expecting an early 2010 to spring 2010 release.


Tokyopop’s New Acquisitions Announced At NYAF ’09

3347059475_942571899fTokyopop announced quite a few new titles at NYAF this year. So, here is the list of all of them:

Song and Laughter By Natsuki Takaya

Ratman By Sekihiko Inui

.hack//Link By Megane Kikuya

Seikon no Qwaser By Hiroyuki Yoshino

Croquis By Hinako Takanaga

Blood Honey By Sakyō Yozakura

Love Knot By Lemon Ichijō

Cute Demon By Hiro Madarame

Love Story In The Isolated Island By DUO Brand

Currently, they are all set for a 2010 release, so there is still a while off before these hit US shores officially. Though, long waits should be nothing for anyone who is a fan of Haruhi.


Total Attendance Of Comiket 76 = 560,000

comiket_76_crowd_01I can’t believe I was actually wanting to go one year after I graduate from High School. I know it’s not 560,000 different people, but still that’s a lot. Day one alone had 180,000 different people, so the 560,000 was probably made up of repeat visitors that came each day.

This is a new record for Comiket and I’m sure it will keep growing each year. I just wonder how many will be there for this winter’s comiket. Will they make it to 600,000? Possibly, though, probably not since it is the winter and many people will still be working.

I guess I can deal with not going to Comiket, that is until I break down and decide to go anyways.

Source (Japanese)

Thanks Sankaku Complex for the find.

Anime Expo Is Starting Today! Be Excited!

00ace741f57350bdd4b89ec95af0c6e01234746283_fullThose 2 seem pretty excited, or retarded.

And I won’t be there. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t bring as much news about announcements as I can. Even if it means sitting on my bed or chair and just imagining I am there.