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America! AMV By Kearly

WARNING: If the word FUCK offends you, then get the FUCK out and don’t FUCK around anymore since this AMV says FUCK a whole FUCKing lot.

Skip ahead 25 seconds to start or just wait it out.

Over 30,000 Hits!

CLANNAD_30kSometime last night when I was asleep, I reached 30,000 hits. Amazing, I know. Took me a year to reach this high, but I did it with the help of the people that come here everyday. My average views has even gone from 10 to 300 over the year, and it rises each month. Hopefully by this time next year, it will be even higher. Thank you everyone for your support.

This little blog started out as a thing I did to see how I liked it. Here is the first incarnation http://eriksmindplace.blogspot.com/ I am somewhat embarassed at how it looks, and the content is pretty sucky. But, I learned, and made it this far. Balancing school and the blog may be hard, but I find new ways to bring more content as I go through. Hopefully one day, I can go to a separate server and possibly get some more people on here. My whole goal is to start Kamanashi Networks eventually, and if all goes well, I will achieve that goal.

I don’t really remember when I went full on into anime, all I know is that I watched my first anime about 9 or 10 years ago. Princess Mononoke and Ghost In The Shell were the reason I first got interested in anime, and I probably wouldn’t be so into it if I had not watched them. . I watched Cowboy Bebop in 2001, InuYasha in 2002, and FLCL in 2003, but I was limited to what Adult Swim was showing. 10 to 13 year-olds don’t have a whole lot of money. Finally, around 2004, I was able to start buying anime. My collection has grown quite a bit, and is still growing.

REally, the only bad part about my obsession is that there aren’t that many people that share my interest around me, and the ones that do, I never meet. So, I’m somewhat alone in my area when it comes to liking anime.

Thanks again for all the support, and hopefully, we can continue this adventure through the internet.

Weekly Recap: What The Hell Just Happaned?

bd6198d107efa81bb3bf879573dada2a1234571038_fullThis week was a slow week for me. Trying to find the best way to post things while in school and at home. But, here at the stories for this week, some of which made me go what the hell.

Ladies Vs. Butlers To Get Anime

Akira Live-Action Coming Back?

Free Stream Of The Week: Nana

Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! Getting A Special OVA

Koihime†Musō On Crunchyroll Now

The only one that made me seriously go WTH was Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! one. I still can’t figure out why, and I probably never will. Anything that beats Akikan in terms of being bad doesn’t deserve anything. Not even a figure or dakimakura. Maybe one day I will be able to stop them from making more.

Akira Live-Action Coming Back?

akiraSeems that way. According to Collider that is. Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby are said to be the screenwriters, and Warner Bothers will be the studio. We can expect to see it in 2011 if their script is approved.

So, will we have another DB: Evolution on our hands? I hope not, even though Akira wasn’t the greatest thing ever. I still have high hopes for the live action movie considering how it is meant for adults, the story is rather simple to emulate in a live action movie and it should appeal to an American audience with little to no change, and it is highly popular among classic anime fans.

For the full story, you can go to the Collider page.

Akira Live Action Movie Cancelled

akiraPeople have been hoping for this for quite some time, and now their hopes have been fulfilled. Hollywood will not be making the Akira live action movie anymore.

Now, we can all rest in happiness until we remember that there is always Cowboy Bebop to screw up.

Death Note isn’t one I’m to worried about hem messing up since it should be rather easy to adapt, but still, Hollywood needs to leave some of this stuff alone.

Source (Japanese)

Cowboy Bebop Movie Safe From Sucking?

cowboy_bebop1Well, this is a good thing. According to Sunrise, they will halt production of the live action movie if the script is terrible.

Will this save the movie from sucking though? I’m not sure. After all, Keanu Reaves is going to be acting in it. I’m sure it can’t be as bad as Dragon Ball Evolution, which essentially became something other than Dragon Ball.

I guess we will have to wait for the movie to possibly be released before we truly know.



kagamin_shockedToday was both good and bad. It snowed, but it melted in less than an hour. This is why I hate North Carolina, oh well, it doesn’t matter. I did get the Case Closed Season 3 Set I won though, so I have something to keep my mind off the machine gun of disappointment this week. The snow and then finding out that the Haruhi season is just a re-run.

But, who cares, I got to play more games in school today since it is the only way to pass time while I wait for tomorrow. Killzone 2 and Halo Wars in the same day. So what if they are just demos, it is good enough for me.

Berg still isn’t back, which is fine by me, because I can finally put my plan to get him fired into action. Maybe then we will have a real class.

And, this AMV made me really want Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door to come out on blu-ray. It is pretty good.