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I Officially Hate Fullmetal Alchemist Now!

PLEASE NOTE: This is by no means a high quality post, in fact, it is probably one of the shittiest I have done. There will more than likely be grammatical errors, run on sentences, and things that probably make no sense what so ever, but frankly, I don’t give a flying dog shit out of a rats ass since I do it for free and mostly for MY entertainment. More than likely, you will walk away if you read the whole thing thinking I am crazy and just nerd raged all over myself.

So, as you can see from the title of this post, I hate FMA now. Used to like it, but now I hate it. Mostly because it get  ratings that are too high, everyone who calls themselves an anime fan just because they watch FMA on Adult Swim, and because it uses the same tired old joke of “I AM NOT SHORT!” religiously.Oh, and it is partially because I started to attempt to re-watch it since my brother bought the first half of the original FMA, but I ended up just stopping because it was way to boring to me. Maybe I have changed over the years since it has been roughly 4 years since I last watched it, but it was just boring.

First, I will start off by addressing the rating. As you can see from my screen cap above, it has an average of 9.15 while Clannad ~After Story~ (a far superior show) has a rating of 9.07. I wouldn’t have cared that my favorite anime is #5 had FMA Brotherhood been below it, but what bothers me is the fact the FMA Brotherhood is at the top. I mean fuck shit balls, how many people from Adult Swim came and rated it that high? Because it sure as hell wasn’t like that before it came on Adult Swim. All the people that rated it 10 and 9 need to watch something other than AS, and if they watch a lot more anime, and still find FMA that good, then it is alright since they broadened their horizon. But most of the ratings came from the anime fans who only watch what comes on AS forgetting they can buy plenty from RightStuf and Amazon.

Now for the anime fans who have only seen FMA and think they are true fans. You aren’t, but you can be, all you gotta do is watch something else other than Adult Swim. This is one thing that pissed me off when I was in high school.

Everyone in the school knew me as the king anime watcher/gamer. Seriously, everyone knew that when I went home, that’s all I did, so I had quite a few of the AS only fans try to talk to me about anime, a lot. So, when I went off naming things like Toradora, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Clannad or Slayers, they looked at me like “WTF are those?” But if I were to mention Death Note, I was met with “HOLY SHIT! I FUCKING LOVE ELIMINATING PEOPLE WITH MY DEATH NOTE LIKE LIGHT!” *pulls out crappy home made death note* “SEE, ISN’T IT AWESOME!?!?” I myself like Death Note and all, but not that much. Damn it, I just realize I typed most of this paragraph with mentioning FMA. Well, you can essentially replace the underlined words with FMA related one to get the same thing.

And the retarded “I AM NOT SHORT!” joke, well, it was kinda funny the first time, the 1000th time after that, it wasn’t.

So, that was my rather crappy post about why I hate FMA now. I don’t expect anyone to actually find it of quality since I did it while tired and having to go to the bathroom really badly.

Spoils AMV (Death Note)

Weekly Recap: What The Hell Just Happaned?

bd6198d107efa81bb3bf879573dada2a1234571038_fullThis week was a slow week for me. Trying to find the best way to post things while in school and at home. But, here at the stories for this week, some of which made me go what the hell.

Ladies Vs. Butlers To Get Anime

Akira Live-Action Coming Back?

Free Stream Of The Week: Nana

Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! Getting A Special OVA

Koihime†Musō On Crunchyroll Now

The only one that made me seriously go WTH was Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! one. I still can’t figure out why, and I probably never will. Anything that beats Akikan in terms of being bad doesn’t deserve anything. Not even a figure or dakimakura. Maybe one day I will be able to stop them from making more.

Akira Live-Action Coming Back?

akiraSeems that way. According to Collider that is. Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby are said to be the screenwriters, and Warner Bothers will be the studio. We can expect to see it in 2011 if their script is approved.

So, will we have another DB: Evolution on our hands? I hope not, even though Akira wasn’t the greatest thing ever. I still have high hopes for the live action movie considering how it is meant for adults, the story is rather simple to emulate in a live action movie and it should appeal to an American audience with little to no change, and it is highly popular among classic anime fans.

For the full story, you can go to the Collider page.

Things That Made Me Go WTF: Seriously, Is This Real?

My god. WTF is it? Seriously, is this a joke or is it real? I can’t tell. I have met people like this, so I can’t figure out if she/he is really like that. Also, not all anime fans are like this, most are normal respectable people that are interested in more than just anime.

New Screens Of The Tales Of Vesparia Anime Poster

Famitsu was nice enough to post some new images of the Tale Of Vesparia anime for all too see now. It looks to keep the same quality that the anime scenes from the game had, so at least we know that’s good. But also, they posted some of the VAs that will be in it. The names are below.

Mamoru Miyano as as Flynn Scifo

Mai Nakahara as Estellise Sidos Heurassein

Kosuke Toriumi as Yuri Lowell

Decent cast, most of who you have heard if you watch a lot of anime or play Persona games.

For more images, go here.

Death Note Anthology AMV

Song: Crossfire by RPTN

Anime: Death Note