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High School Of The Dead Trailer Makes Me Want A Zombie Appocalypse

Looks like Dead Rising with teenagers in a school. Whats not to like about that? The animation looks superb even on this low quality cam version, the story is interesting, and the setting is something I never saw.Plus, it’s animated by Madhouse.

The story more or less is about a group of Japanese High schoolers trying to survive in a zombie filled world. Not sure if there is much more, but at least the characters look interesting and the amount of gore should be fun to watch.

Currently, it is set for a Fall 2010 release, so not much longer. Too bad I won’t be in High school at that time.

Spoils AMV (Death Note)

Excitement Is Coming!

But one does simply siege tank the hell out of the enemy base in Starcraft.

It’s been 237 days since I last did a post like this. I think I will start doing a daily update again since it was one thing I enjoyed doing a lot and can’t quite remember why  I stopped.

Today was, rather uneventful. Lost ended up coming on later thanks to shitsketball, but the fact that the beta forums for Starcraft 2 came up on Battle.net made up for that. I can feel the anticipation coming every day now. They might as well just release it already since I doubt there is much else they can change in 12 days. But, even if it doesn’t come out tomorrow, I still have ot level back up to 70 on Modern Warfare 2 and finished all the anime I bought.

Regarding the anime, I have Baccano, Slayers 1-3, Ai Yori Aoshi, and all the shows  I watch on Crunchyroll that I got behind on. Oh yeah, I still need to watch FMA: Brotherhood. So yeah, I still have plenty to do while I wait for the  beta. You know what, instead of typing more of this post, I think I will go watch some anime right now. It’s only 10:30PM so I still have sometime left before I become to tired to stay awake any more.

I guess this is bye for now then.

Daisuke Gouri Commits Suicide?

Daisuke Gouri, the VA behind Mr. Satan (Hercule) has committed suicide earlier today at 3:00PM. His body was found on the street by a passerby and reported to the police. upon finding his body, they discovered a will, his wrist had been slit, and a knife underneath.

Gouri played many roles. From a Gundam pilot, to a samurai in the Edo period. He was a great voice actor, and will always be remembered, even if hercule was pretty annoying.

I will update as I see fit whether it turns out to be murder, or anything else.

Source (Japanese, Translate with Google Translate for best results.)

Crayon Shin-Chan Getting MMORPG In Korea…

I knew Shin was still going to have things made about him, but this is a little weird to have. An MMO based on the Crayon Shin-Chan manga is a little out there, even for Korea who loves making MMOs about things.

Made by the Korean DaeWon Media and Rainfall Soft, they say it will be as close to the original work as they can possibly get it. Meaning, it will bbe no where near the same. You gotta remember that same is code for different in the entertainment world. Just look at Dragon Ball…


You’re Going Down

Crayon Shin-Chan Manga Coming Back WIth New Artist

Well, it seems that Chin will not be dying with his father too. Instead, he will be adopted by a new artist who will start publishing his version/sequel this coming Spring.

Usui’s family said they are fine to see his work continue on, and are fully supporting this.

The anime is still set to continue also, so no worries regarding that.

It’s nice to see it continue for all the fans since the author did have an untimely demise that was not deserved at all. I hope everyone is willing to respect this new version too so the family can have Usui’s memories carried on.