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Daisuke Gouri Commits Suicide?

Daisuke Gouri, the VA behind Mr. Satan (Hercule) has committed suicide earlier today at 3:00PM. His body was found on the street by a passerby and reported to the police. upon finding his body, they discovered a will, his wrist had been slit, and a knife underneath.

Gouri played many roles. From a Gundam pilot, to a samurai in the Edo period. He was a great voice actor, and will always be remembered, even if hercule was pretty annoying.

I will update as I see fit whether it turns out to be murder, or anything else.

Source (Japanese, Translate with Google Translate for best results.)

Sometimes, You Just Have Problems. Other Times, You Are just F*cking Crazy.

Found that on Japanator. It’s doesn’t get real creepy though until about half way. Koto Hikaru may need some sort of psychiatric help I think.