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Haruhi DS Game Trailer Posted

This game would be so awesome if I could play it, but since it is a text heavy game, I would be totally lost. There are also some minigames in it, but I wouldn’t be able to make it that far without some type of translation.

Please Bandai, license this for a US release. I am begging you, I need more Haruhi now. What if I end up going crazy without more?

Screw it, I will just import it and let it sit on a shelf until I learn Japanese.


Japanese Schools Implement Nintendo DS Into Education

okawari01-04Why doesn’t America try and get cool schools?

10 elementary and middle schools in Japan have started using the DS in the education process. It was even fully approved by the Osaka Board of Education. THough, it was met with some resistance.

They are supposed to have specialist to supervise the plans and choose what DS programs are acceptable.

This is a great idea in my opinion since I use my brain more when playing games since they require you to think instead of copying what a book tells you. Though, I guess I got an easy school life too.

But, we all know if this were to happen in the US, it would be “games made my emo and/or friendless son/daughter shoot people” all over again. So I guess we should leave it out of here… For now. Emo and/or friendless kids ruin things for everyone.


Mother 3 Possibly Coming To DS

BrownieBrown said they might make Mother 3 for DS if they are asked. Also, they want it to be released world wide, so that right there shows that people care about us Mother fans. Nintendo doesn’t though, Reggie is still a douche and Cammy (or whatever that smiling womans name is) isn’t helping either. Hopefully they are able to do this since it would definitely help people have fun.