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I Officially Hate Fullmetal Alchemist Now!

PLEASE NOTE: This is by no means a high quality post, in fact, it is probably one of the shittiest I have done. There will more than likely be grammatical errors, run on sentences, and things that probably make no sense what so ever, but frankly, I don’t give a flying dog shit out of a rats ass since I do it for free and mostly for MY entertainment. More than likely, you will walk away if you read the whole thing thinking I am crazy and just nerd raged all over myself.

So, as you can see from the title of this post, I hate FMA now. Used to like it, but now I hate it. Mostly because it get  ratings that are too high, everyone who calls themselves an anime fan just because they watch FMA on Adult Swim, and because it uses the same tired old joke of “I AM NOT SHORT!” religiously.Oh, and it is partially because I started to attempt to re-watch it since my brother bought the first half of the original FMA, but I ended up just stopping because it was way to boring to me. Maybe I have changed over the years since it has been roughly 4 years since I last watched it, but it was just boring.

First, I will start off by addressing the rating. As you can see from my screen cap above, it has an average of 9.15 while Clannad ~After Story~ (a far superior show) has a rating of 9.07. I wouldn’t have cared that my favorite anime is #5 had FMA Brotherhood been below it, but what bothers me is the fact the FMA Brotherhood is at the top. I mean fuck shit balls, how many people from Adult Swim came and rated it that high? Because it sure as hell wasn’t like that before it came on Adult Swim. All the people that rated it 10 and 9 need to watch something other than AS, and if they watch a lot more anime, and still find FMA that good, then it is alright since they broadened their horizon. But most of the ratings came from the anime fans who only watch what comes on AS forgetting they can buy plenty from RightStuf and Amazon.

Now for the anime fans who have only seen FMA and think they are true fans. You aren’t, but you can be, all you gotta do is watch something else other than Adult Swim. This is one thing that pissed me off when I was in high school.

Everyone in the school knew me as the king anime watcher/gamer. Seriously, everyone knew that when I went home, that’s all I did, so I had quite a few of the AS only fans try to talk to me about anime, a lot. So, when I went off naming things like Toradora, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Clannad or Slayers, they looked at me like “WTF are those?” But if I were to mention Death Note, I was met with “HOLY SHIT! I FUCKING LOVE ELIMINATING PEOPLE WITH MY DEATH NOTE LIKE LIGHT!” *pulls out crappy home made death note* “SEE, ISN’T IT AWESOME!?!?” I myself like Death Note and all, but not that much. Damn it, I just realize I typed most of this paragraph with mentioning FMA. Well, you can essentially replace the underlined words with FMA related one to get the same thing.

And the retarded “I AM NOT SHORT!” joke, well, it was kinda funny the first time, the 1000th time after that, it wasn’t.

So, that was my rather crappy post about why I hate FMA now. I don’t expect anyone to actually find it of quality since I did it while tired and having to go to the bathroom really badly.

REMINDER: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Begins Airing Tonight

Just reminding everyone that FMA: Brotherhood, the new version of the FMA anime that follows the manga more will be starting it’s TV run tonight on Adult Swim at midnight.

Adult Swim had a dry run for a  couple months since they quit showing new episodes of Bleach to dub the rest, but this will make up for it.

ahamony desu AMV

Hey Look, I Was Right About FMA: Brotherhood Coming To Adult Swim

Well, the news that FMA: Brotherhood was first broke here on February 2nd, but even though I sent in a tip to many major website (Japanator linked to my post though, which is another great site that I love.), they didn’t even know the news until LA Angeles weekly put it in their stuff.

But, It has been confirmed on FUNimation’s twitter also. Which can be viewed here.

So yeah, my specialty is information gathering, and that is what I did before everyone else. Such awesome skills that never get put too use though since most people want me to fix things instead. Oh well though, I may not get the credit I deserve, but I am still happy some people read my blog. And I am happy FMA: Brotherhood will be on TV.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood To Be On Adult Swim?

According to my DirecTV guide that got updated about an hour ago, it will be, at least it will be if you are to go based on when the first of possibly 3 new anime are to start showing on Adult Swim.

As of right now, I think I am the only one to have this news, so I feel special.

FMA: Brotherhood was licensed by FUNimation (they also hold the license to the first FMA series) so it isn’t to surprising to see this, but I was still hoping to see the English dub of Vampire Knight first.

Currently, it is set to air on Feb. 14 at 12:00AM (midnight).

FUNimation To Stream FMA: Brotherhood In North America On April 9

fullmetalalchemist-edwardwinryNot only that, but FUNi also holds the rights to a television broadcast and DVD release for the US too. So we may see a release this year on DVD.

FUNimation is supposed to start streaming it on April 9 at 12:00PM ET/9:00AM PT. THe sucky part is that I will still be in school at that time, so I have to wait till I get home.

as Fullmetal Alchemist gets closer to the air date, I get more and more excited. Not to much longer now.


Cowboy Bebop Movie Safe From Sucking?

cowboy_bebop1Well, this is a good thing. According to Sunrise, they will halt production of the live action movie if the script is terrible.

Will this save the movie from sucking though? I’m not sure. After all, Keanu Reaves is going to be acting in it. I’m sure it can’t be as bad as Dragon Ball Evolution, which essentially became something other than Dragon Ball.

I guess we will have to wait for the movie to possibly be released before we truly know.