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Another Shojo Manga Magazine Coming To Replace Shojo Beat?

logo1Seems that way, but not like you may be thinking. The founder has said that it will have more of a Japanese culture type thing to it with some manga from amateur manga-ka and some doujin artist. So, it’s almost like a way for the lesser known Japanese artist to get international recognition. NOt that I have a problem with that, but I still would like a more carbon copy of Shojo Beat.

Also, they are in talks with other US pubs to see if they can get the licenses that aren’t being published anymore or never were. So, we still may see some known manga.

And before anyone is like, “OMG, I GET SUM MOAR SHOJO MANGOS SOON!” Remember that this is still in the planning stages and could very well end before it ever starts.

I don’t feel like listing all the details, but it’s certainly an interesting, yet risky, idea. You can go here for more information by reading the interview.


Good Stuff Again

e6780bef136a19d899349a97542fd97c1235082824_fullAwesome stuff was announced again today. 1 show that I have been wanting a US release of for a while and another show that I wanted them to finish for a long time are both coming to the US. Though, this wont be without problem for me as in emo kids Adult Swims horrendous ways of showing anime. Oh well, I think I will be able to handle it, maybe.

As for the rest of the day, I played Killzone 2 some more and I beat Metroid Zero Mission for the second time this week. Buit, this time in MZM, I finished in 1 hour 1 minute and 23 seconds, which beats my old time by 30 minutes. It made me feel awesome, until I saw that some people have already done normal runs in 27 minutes.

Well, I’m gonna go watch Kuroshitsuji some more. Sebastian is one hell of a butler after all.

Shojo Beat’s Last Issue Will Be July Issue

ShojoBeat_Dec08_500Another lossĀ  in the anime/manga industry. They might not be an individual company since they are part of Viz, but Shojo Beat’s cancellation is a bad thing none the less.

Today, Viz has stated that they had quit accepting subscriptions and the company that publishes it said the publication is ending in July. Currently, you can get issues of Shonen Jump to replace ant remaining months for your Shojo Beat subscription.

As for the Shojo Beat single volume manga, no one has stated if they are effected, but I think more than likely, they will be finished.

This is another bad thing cause by online manga sites that claim “fair use” and let everyone read licensed manga for free. Hopefully the US companies and Japanese companies wil find a way to fix this soon.

Subscription Page

Cancellation Page

Almost Daily WTF Of The Day Double Feature: Emo Instructional Videos And Bellybutton Something

I wish they would all be shipped off to the moon so they could be unhappy without annoying me.

People actually enjoy this? I don’t even know what to say to this.